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Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. Reading for the love of books serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what books inspire my interest and enjoyment  So, sit back, relax, and read on scroll down to see what I have to offer you.

Hi everyone my name is Ann-maree and I have a great love of reading.  I can read most types of books but romance is at the top.  I have been happily reviewing books for some time now.  If you like any of the books I have reviewed please click on the cover photo to be directed to its link page.



What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is Reading for the love of books. Since I got started as a blogger back in 2017, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I enjoy composing and reviewing about my passions for books while helping Authors sell their books from my recommendations. With each passing day, Reading for the love of books gains more followers, and with that, even more, success. Books bring the universe to you without having to run anywhere, and then it enables all people to see beyond their lives and to see things and places that they may not have learned if not for books.

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Author: Tara September

Narrator: Verla Bond

Length: 3 hours 37 minutes

Publisher: Plus it Up⎮2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: Sep. 6, 2019

Successful Texas lawyer, Reade Walker, curses that damn song every time it plays, all too aware of the irony of its lyrics. After all, he has been secretly and painfully enamored with Jesse's girl, Gwen, for nearly a decade. It was love at first sight for him, but sadly she's not his girl. She belongs to the one man who betrayed him and knows Reade's hidden family secret. Yet, Reade can't seem to love anyone except the one woman he can't have. Or can he make her mine? 

When Gwen Clark's senator husband runs off with his intern and all their money, the ensuing scandal turns her life upside down. Deserted, penniless, and desperate to provide f...

The Princess Pose
Author: Aven Ellis
Narrator: Andrea Emmes 
Length: 10 hours 25 minutes
Publisher: Tantor Audio⎮2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series: Modern Royals, Book 1
Release date: July 24, 2019

A modern princess. A charming commoner. Can they hurdle tradition to find true love?

Princess Elizabeth "Liz" of York isn't interested in a fairy tale life. Determined to use her elite platform to champion children's causes, she'd much rather raise awareness than find her prince. If only she could stop picturing one certain gardener with vivid hazel eyes....

When the relentless paparazzi invade her space, Liz's crush comes to her rescue and steals her heart. Tossing aside centuries of tradition for something real, she takes Roman's calloused hand and braces for the backlash. But after her progre...

A Royal Shade of Blue

Author: Aven Ellis
Narrator: Andrea Emmes 
Length: 10 hours 1 minute
Publisher: Tantor Audio⎮2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series: Modern Royals, Book 1
Release date: Aug. 14, 2018

When art-history student Clementine Jones receives a message complimenting her latest internship project, she doesn't hesitate to answer it. She never dreamed this decision would not only change her life, but the future of the British monarchy as well.  

Her response leads Clementine to the mysterious CP Chadwick, a British man studying history at Cambridge. Clementine finds CP charming, smart, and unlike any man she's ever met. Most of all, when she confides her medical past to CP, his perception of her doesn't change. He doesn't treat her as fragile like her parents do. CP sees her as normal,...

About the Audiobook
Author: Jennifer Peel
Narrator: Melissa Moran
Length: 6 hours 51 minutes
Publisher: Jennifer Peel⎮2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series: My Not So Wicked Series, Book 1
Release date: Jun. 5, 2019

"Wickedly charming, flirty, and clever. This is the ultimate friends to lovers story. I loved it!" (Becky Monson, number-one best-selling author of the Spinster series) 

"You'll want to crawl between the covers of this book and never leave." (Whitney Dineen, number-one best-selling author of Relatively Normal) 

Loveless is more than a name, it's a curse. 
I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It's not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I'm cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan H...

I will be attending the Australian Romance Readers Association event in Brisbane on Saturday 23th March where I look forward to meeting some new authors to me and catching up with some faces I have seen and met before.  If you are from Brisbane you may attend by purchasing a ticket before the end of this weekend.

Saturday 23 March 2019, Broncos Leagues Club, Red Hill

Below are the current lists of authors signing at this event. and there Amazon page link.  Some have many books for just 99 cents and some have a free book offer.  If you like to read Australian authors or if you have never tried one here is your chance to find some great new reads.


February 20, 2019

Saturday the 16th February I attending "Books by the Beach at the beautiful Mantra Mooloolaba where I meet some great new authors and some wonderful author I have meet before.  I was great to learn more about themselves and they books.

I went with the lovely Beth Prentice as her assistant where we both had a great day meeting some readers and authors to share our love of books and reading.

Beth Prentice

Beth writes Cozy Mysteries and Romantic Suspense novels that will make you laugh at and with her wonderful characters as they dig deep into the crazy mysteries they  find themselves in.  All her books are sweet with some romance that goes no further than the bedroom door.

USA Today Bestselling Author

Amazon -

Web page - https://bethprenticeno...

October 24, 2018

By Tracy Krimmer

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Women’s Fiction

Age category: Adult

Release Date: October 22, 2018

October 23, 2018

This week is Foster An Author 2018.
I will have three New Authors to showcase on this blog this week.
Dani Rene
Tonya Clark 
Jade Webb


High heat slow burn contemporary romance

Jade Webb is a lover of romance novels that feature strong heroines who know that the loves that may come into their lives are always the icing, and never the cake.
Jade has loved romance novels since she was a teen, sneaking them into her Bible during religion classes at her all-girls Catholic school. Jade’s debut novel Guarding Her Heart was released in February 2018 and she has had two subsequent releases in March and May. Her next book, a romantic comedy title...

I am very happy to inform you all that in 2019 the AUSTRALIAN ROMANCE READERS ASSOCIATION will be hosting three Multi-City, Multi-Author Romance Rendezvous.

Brisbane, Saturday 23 March

Sydney, Sunday 24 March

Melbourne, Saturday 30 March

This will be a full day signing event where you can meet your favorite Romance Authors and the chance to find some new Authors to enjoy.

This event is open to all but member will be able to attend special member-only activities at each of the event on the schedule.  Tickets for the event will go on sale in October,

There will be two wonderful quest author  at each of the events:

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn is an author with over 90 novels and short stories, she writes in many genres from paranormal romance, urban fantasy, historical romance, romantic suspense,...

September 18, 2018

Title: The Final Life Series Box Set

Author: Rose Garcia

Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Paranormal

Publication Date: September 17th, 2018

Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

This box set includes the first three books of The Final Life Series: Final Life, Final Stand, and Final Death. A complete story, the saga of Dominique's quest for survival will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Final Life: For seventeen-year-old Dominique, nothing sucks more than moving across the country during senior year. Angry and feeling alone, she thinks things can't get worse, until her new neighbor pressures her into playing a psychic card game. The cards spark a vision of a red desert where a malignant presence hints at past lives and threatens to kill her...again. If Dominique is to put an end to the evil pursuing her, she must...

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