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Below you will find some books that I have read and reviewed in the past that may be on sale or at a discounted price.  I also love to post books my some of my favourite authors on this page as well.   I hope you find some new reads and possible some new authors to follow in the future.   The best way to find out about discounted books is to follow your favourite authors on social media or subscribe to their web page newsletters.  You can also follow my  Facebooks page that I update almost daily with great new offers and new releases.


MY REVIEW   ****21/09/2019

I first fall in love with this cover, I was drawn to it many likes looking through NetGalley once I read the Blurb I was more hooked as it was a Scottish romance one of my favourites. Anna Bradley is a new author to me, I must say I enjoyed her writing style and language used through ou this book as there was a little bit of Gaelic throughout the story. Her characters were strong, interesting, relatable and enjoyable to read with a strong storyline to keep your interesting to the very end. There were no real surprises as you could guess what was going to happen before it did but it's one of those stories that is about the journey to the end with the characters that matters the most.

Lady Juliana Bernard is on her way to Scottland to find a husband in the form of her best friend the Duke of Blackmore. Fitzwilliam has been her best friend since they where children and in later life, she betroths until he went to Scottland many months ago. Juliana is a desperate need for a husband to keep guardianship of her niece Grace. A desperate situation call for a desperate move by Juliana to go to Scotland on her own in search for Fitzwilliam.

Her plan does not go as planned when she finds Fitzwilliam's doppelganger in a tavern along the way, who turns out to be Fitzwilliam brother and the vain of Juliana's word as she tries to find her best friend. When she finally gets to the caste she finds out that Fitzwilliam is betrothed to another, his true love.

What will Julianna do now?

Logan Blair has been the Laird of his clan and land since his father's passing but that all changed many months ago when his twin brother appaired in Scotland. Fitzwilliam is the oldest so he is the rightful place as Laird of the Clan. Logan is happy to have his brother in his life and will do whatever is necessary to protect his people.

But will a marriage of convenience be what he needs to do for the clan?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC copy to which I am writing my honest and voluntary review of.this enemy to lover romance. This is a fast-moving story that will have you enjoying the characters in this book.

I just reviewed To Wed a Wild Scot by Anna Bradley. #ToWedAWildScot #NetGalley


February 2019


My Review    ****

I thought I knew where this book was going when bam the author dumped us with a twist I didn't see coming. This one is full of heartbreak and loses that will move you and make you fall in love with the hero. David Keegan has had his fair share of losses in the last 12 years from the death of his wife, having to leave his infant daughter to protect his country and losing friends along the way. I was moved by this story that I would recommend to others to read.
It's amazing how fate can play such a large part in some people lives that they are just destined to find each other no matter their choices in life are.
Can you have the love of your life twice in your lifetime?

Can a missing part of you be found when you have not idea what you are looking for?


The moment he walked through the door, I knew I was in trouble.

My last year of university - focus on study, hang out with my friends, put my cheating ex-boyfriend out of my mind.
I need to maintain my GPA to keep my scholarship and land the internship at my dream job.
My future was set.
Then . . . Cameron Wilks walked through the door.
The new guy at college.
He had bad boy written all over him. Tall, tanned, and toned muscles to die for. Trouble lurked in the depths of his blue eyes.
He made my pulse race just looking at him.
But it didn't matter.
Good girls like me, don't get the hot guys.
My head's in the books, not the clouds.
I wasn't interested in him. Study was all that mattered. My future was at stake.
But when I discover who he really is and why he's hiding out in a small town campus, I find it harder and harder to stay away. Can I find balance between his wild ways and following my dreams?
Or will I risk losing everything?
A fall from grace is hard when it's not your fault, but will he stick around to help?
Or will his past make him run and hide again?

If you enjoy steamy college romance, witty banter, complex characters, angst and coming of age sizzle, grab your copy of this fast-paced romance today. Sweet. Sexy. All the feels.




MY REVIEW     ****

This was a great story of true love even in the most difficult situations. What would you do if you bumped into your missing presumed dead husband after 20 years? Pilar has raised her family on her own to now find the one man she always loved but he has no idea who she is. This is a wonderful second chance romance that will have you shedding a few tears along the way. I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.

Santiago Matias goes on holidays with his daughter to get her away from someone he wants her to keep away from to only find himself in the middle of a full-on drama himself.

Pilar Soliz goes away for her daughter's wedding but she finds something other than a new son-in-law she finds her late husband in the hotel lobby. How can Samuel be here?

Can Pilar get the answers she needs?

January 22nd 2019

My Review     ****

This is book four of The Golden Retriever series to which I have read slowly working my way through the series but in no particular order. I have not read Becky Muth before, so I have quite impressed with this book, as the story and characters where very strong and emotional. I love animals and to read about a search and rescue dog that now has the task of helping to find her owners missing brother.

This book is a romance book but with a mystery twist to which I very much enjoyed almost more than the romance story. I love finding and reading new authors and with this series, this is what I am finding the most enjoyable thing. Oh as well as the Dogs. I was given an ARC copy of this book to which I am now giving my honest and voluntary review of. Once you start you will be hooked to see it to the end.


January 22nd

My Review     *****

Book two was just a great as book one of this Christmas series set in Faraday where you will find pets doing the matchmaking. A true story of the Chrismas spirit at its best as the community comes together to help each other. We soon learn as we read that each of these books are taking part at the same timeframe as for each other with all the male characters being friends and taking part in each book. Delightfully humorous holiday romance full of heartwarming love will delight you at any time of the year.

A mailman that likes to keep to himself and live the quiet life is the busiest in the community of Faraday as mail is not the only thing he gives out. Drew Miller is always there to give a helping hand to any of the residents in town young or old. His life will turn upside down when he knocks on the door of the new resident in town.
Joy Cooke has many happy memories of Faraway where she would regularly visit her Grandparents. They have both passed know and she finds herself the owner of there house but soon after moving
in she becomes the owner of a Donkey that wonders into her yard. She calls him Pete and they become the best of friends she soon decided to get a dog to keep Pete company and she gets Bacon from the local shelter. Joy soon finds herself being a damsel in distress when the local mailman comes to her rescue after a fall on the ice in her back yard.

Drew being the helpful Drew that he is, sticks around for most of the week to help Joy after her accident. Will this bring the two closer together as they learn more about each other. I received an ARC copy and this is my honest and voluntary review.
* Scent of Cedar (Book 1) - A woman in need of a new beginning finds herself tormented by a camel and captivated by the town's bad boy. Can she overcome her fears to embrace a sweet holiday romance?

* Tidings of Joy (Book 2) - Only one woman can draw a shy mail carrier out of his shell, but it will take the help of her donkey and puppy to make it happen.

* Boughs of Holly (Book 3) - A free-spirited nurse winds up on a ranch with a stubborn cowboy and his matchmaking grandpa. Will love triumph over her need to roam?

* Wings of an Angel (Book 4) - Will a fun-loving teacher convince a woman sworn off romance to give love a second chance? He'll need a hand from her son and his furry, feathered friends.



















January 20th 2019

My Review     ****

This book was very much a damsel in distress read with a sexy cowboy coming to her rescue to save her and her family farm. Was it love at first sight or does Colt just like to help others? This is book two of the Dark Horse Cowboys Series but the first one for me and the first book by this author. I enjoyed the story but felt it could have gone deeper into the characters and I also felt the characters and the story were not very relatable to real life sometimes. There was a bit of a mystery that was interesting but could have been better.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


December 20th 2018

My Review     ****

I have seen many books by Diana Palmer around through the years but have never had the chance to read one until now. I think I may have been missing out on some great stories as I just loved the writing style and wonderful characters with depth and interest. I was drawn into this story straight away and hooked to the very end. The heroine was a very strong and determined young lady that did the best she could for her family. The Hero was not a hero at first as he despised Amelia and made a point of making everyone know how he felt.
But not everything and everyone is what you first thought them to be and King soon learns there is a lot more to Amelia than the spinless person she has been of late.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


December 11th 2018

My Review     *****

This is my first book by Kate Kisset even though I have a few sitting on my kindle to read, she is an author I have been wanting to read for some time and that time is today. I was not disappointed with this Romcom novella to which I totally enjoyed every word. All the characters were wonderful and the Nona’s where so funny you could not help but laugh out loud. The chemistry between Lilly and Brett heated up the pages but stayed away from the closed bedroom door. This is a stand-alone read but if you have read “Love in the Vineyards” you will learn more about a few of their characters like Mimi and Cha-Cha.

Lilly Martelli was not looking for anything for Christmas just to help her Nona in St Helena and the animal shelter but she might just find the best Christmas gift ever.

Brett Benning is an ex-footballer
come Firefighter in the Napa Valley who are looking for The One. Will his decision to help out with the annual bake sale for the animal shelter bring him more than community spirit?


October 3rd 2018

My Review     ****

This is a first time read for me with this author so I went in unsure about the book,  like most books I read I go in without reading the blurb.  I like the unknown when reading. I very much liked this story and found the character of Gracie to be one of the highlights for me.  The chemistry between Molly and Merrick was hot and spicy and their love story was heartwarming to read.  I did find a few typos during the read but must say it did not take away from the flow of the book.  I received an ARC copy of this book and I am writing my honest and voluntary review.  The author writing had you feeling connected with her character as you endured their happiness, heartbreak, sadness, loss and love in each page you read.

Marrick can remember the exact moment he first laid eyes on Molly.

Molly remembers the day she first encountered the like of one young troublemaker Marrick Haynes.

Do you believe in the right person but the wrong time?  If you do then this is the story for you.

A story of endurance, commitment, love and most of all family blood or not.


July 30, 2018

MY REVIEW    ***

This was a nice short romance story with a bit of a twist but with an HEA. It is set in Bulgaria and you will find the translation to English does have a few hiccups in the flow of the writing and editing. But overall it will give you a good few hours of reading to see if the Man of stone will give into the girl with a kind heart. I read an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest review after I have voluntary finished.


July 29, 2018

MY REVIEW     ****

I found this book very hard to read at the start with many different characters with their own point of view being told, so just keep at it for a bit longer if the same happens to you. Saying this, the book did grab my interest and as a first-time reader of this author, I found her descriptive language was very vivid as it had my picturing for the old building as if I was stand in front of it and feeling the characters emotion from within the pages of this book myself. Many dark secrets are involved in this book with supernatural themes in this suspenseful thriller by a new Australian Author to me. I received an ARC copy of this book and here is my honest and voluntary review of it.

13th April 2018

My Review

I am really enjoying this series and this one we got a bit of an insight in the last book "Forbidden Duke" of Remington Burke IV, the Earl of Sky and Cassidy Bright. So the start is a retelling of a chapter in Forbidden Duke told by characters of this book while visiting Gigi. This is a bit of an ugly duckling turning into a swan type of book, where we see the blossom of our female character.

I wished that this book was a bit longer as I was really enjoying getting to know this two characters and feel that they needed a longer story.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review. This is a short read that will have you engrossed from start to finish. It will leave you with that feel good feeling.

Computer programmer Lady Cassidy and Remington Burke IV, the Earl of Sky have been friends since childhood.  Remington's grandmother Gigi's dying wish is for him to marry Cassidy, and since he only has 23 days until he turns 30 he must marry all loose everything.

11th March 2018


I enjoyed the first book of this 2 part series (Undeniable Fate) I had to buy and read it straight away and I was not disappointed.  The book left off shortly after the first one finished with Lily moving to Dallas for a new job and a new boyfriend, who happens to be her boss.  The story is about how the two make working together and Brandon’s workaholic past come together for them to both be happy.  But a Leopard can never chance his stops and Brandon will battle to keep the woman in his life where he never wanted anyone to be.

Will Lily find her happy ever after or will she lose him to his job?

Thes two books are short but very entertaining to read if you like your romance a bit steamy and heartfelt and I would highly recommend them.

11th February 2018



This is a great book in the "Have a Hart" series and like the others, it is totally entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable to read. The author has a way with her writing to make you feel so relatable to her characters and the issues they face. As an animal lover that just a little bit better as well. The two characters have had their own book before in which I have not read so to me they were new, but this did not take away from any part of the book. A great look at marriage and how we all go about keeping it happy and loving with cute little puppies. I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review of the book and I would recommend Rachelle Ayala books to anyone that love romance.

7th February 2018



Finding Love (A Salty Key Inn Book Book 3) BY Judith Keim

This is book 3 of the series but the first one I have read so you can just read it as a stand-alone.  The series is based around Regan, Sheena, and Darcy as they fulfill their Uncle’s deadline to have the Salty Key Inn open and running in the black.  This book revolves around Regan and her search for love and happiness just like her sisters have.  Judith Keim’s writing is very easy to read and her descriptive text is enjoyable, you just can’t help but fall in love with her characters.  I loved reading this book that I received an ARC of and this is my honest and voluntary review of it.  This is my second book by this author and I can safely say it won't be my last as I cannot wait until book 4 comes out to see what will happen with all the Sullivan Sisters and the Salty Key Inn.  Sometimes love is right there you just have to be open to it and let it grow as Regan will learn during this book as she overcomes the issues of the accident with Brian and her role in the family’s business challenge.


21st January 2018


This is a short novella with the emphasis on Hot Hot and sexy. This is the first book by this author that I have read and even though it was more about the sex I did enjoy it, I am a more middle of the road reader of romance/erotica. The title is exactly what Lexi feels when she meets Chase Dean in the lobby of the Hotel where she works and Guilty Pleasures is what she gets after entering his hotel room.
Chase is a man that always gets what he wants and what he wants now is her. But they are both keeping secrets and what will happen after there one-night stand? They both do something together that they both admit they have never done before, but will this lead to more.
What will happen when Lexi finds out she sleeps with the owner of the hotel where she works, no good can come out of this.
Can Chase be the man that Lexi needs and wants even when he learns the secrets she has, will it drive him away or bring him even closer? I am only giving it a 3 star as for me I would have liked more depth in the characters and a much longer read.
If you like you reads and man hot and sexy this is the book for you give it a go I am positive you will enjoy it. At 99 cents great value for a few hours of entertainment.

31st December 2017


My Review - This is the first book of the series that will warm your heart as the author brings her sweet characters and story to life for you to enjoy. The book starts out sad as we find out how the main characters find themselves orphan and alone seeking the family they have lost. Christy never thought she would be a mail order bride but as life turns out different to her plans she finds herself with not many choices to make. With no money and the chance, she will lose her parents inheritance her future is looking bleak for the next few months.

Bent had already lost the love of his life but he was lonely on his ranch by himself and will not possible prospects in town his only choice is to apply for a Mail Order Bride. He knew he could give a wife a good life but would he be able to give you his love?


US -

UK -

CA -



5th November 2017



My Review of "A Little Faith": A Second Chance Romance (Ocean Beach Book 1)


This was my first book by Emma James and I was hooked from the very first page. I found this book very intriguing and interesting with the different views as each chapter was written by different characters was very interesting. love, strength, courage, friendship, and determination plays a great role in this story that will have your heart breaking as the characters reveal their different issues and how they survived the most tragic event of there lives. I received a copy of this book and here is my voluntary and honest review of this wonderful book. I can not wait to read more about these characters in the next book to learn more about this group of lifelong friends.

After the death of there friend and brother in a terrible accident we travelled and learn how they are all learning to cope with there changing lives.  Will Faith learn the truth of the cost the boys paid after the death of her brother 6 years ago and can she forgive herself for not being there for them as she drowns in her own grief?


Hope Is Lost: A Second Chance Romance (Ocean Beach Book 2)





30th OCTOBER 2017


My Review


This was my first ever read by the author Judith Keim and this is book 4 of the series of the "Beach House Hotel".  I loved reading this book and the strong relationships the two main female characters had together had me hooked from the start.  So I would say you can read these as a stand-alone or in the series, I did not realize this way as a series until I was about to write my review.  I enjoyed the story of Ann and Rhonda trying to get back their beloved "Baby" the Breach House Hotel.  This was a very refreshing read from all the romance books I have been reading of late as this story is about friendship, business, love, family and most of all doing the right thing by everyone.  I received this ARC copy and this is my voluntary and honest review.  I would recommend this book and series to anyone.


Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel (The Beach House Hotel Series Book 1)

Lunch at The Beach House Hotel (The Beach House Hotel Series Book 2)

Dinner at The Beach House Hotel (The Beach House Hotel Series Book 3)


4th October 2017

My Review

Managed 4

The conclusion to the story of Jasper and Hailey has come in book 4 of the Managed series.  The drama continues for the bad boy rock star with his current girlfriend Autumn and his ex, Tara.  More issues for the band members but will we see a happy ending for one of them?

Will Hailey achieve the recognition she deserves at her job or will she just keep doing her best as always?

What is happen when Jasper sings his new song with Hailey watching him?

These two are very strong-willed people that jump to the wrong conclusion about each other to quickly and want fave their true feeling to the other much less to themselves.

I received a  copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  I did feel that this book was a bit rushed or too short, as I would have like a bit more for the final instalment of this series.  I did like the fact that it didn’t just end like most books after we get the first glimpse of an HEA, we did get a bit more story conclusion of some of the other characters as well.  Overall I think this series should be one book altogether as a reader it would have been more enjoyable that way.  I did enjoy this series and look forward to the author’s next piece of writing.


2nd October 2017

My Review

99 cents


This was my first Jamie Schlosser book that I have read and I was totally surprised by the Rom-Com.  I received this ARC book and have voluntarily decided to give my honest and unbiased review.

I loved this hilarious, sexy, and heartfelt story about Estelle Winter the cat hoarder and Emery Matheson the pussycat reality show superstar.  You also get to meet Estelle’s 8 very different kinds of cats that are named after the Brady bunch members.  You will enjoy the laughing out loud moments and the antics of these crazy cats in their journey to find a new home.

Both of the characters are happy with their lives and are doing what they love but something is missing.  Something they didn’t think they needed but realize as soon as they meet each other it was missing in their lives.  The chemistry between the two is hot and funny all at the same time.

12th September 2017


My Review  Just 99 cents


The story continues about Jasper and Hailey.  I did not find this section of the story as enjoyable or as interesting as the last 2. Jasper is still trying to do the right thing by Hailey which has spiked his writing of songs again as he hides his true feelings.  Hailey has finally woken up to Michael and has a few more work dramas to deal with on the way.  I received a  copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  Hailey try’s something new and has a very sweet moment with Sam the security man of her work building.  Autumn gets more of a story line in this book and Missy is still being a handful for Hailey.  It leaves us with an oh no kind of moment and a what is going to happen next feeling.  Looking forward to what’s about to happen next and will we see these two finally figure it all out and admit they true feeling for each other.

5th September 2017

My Review

Managed 2.  $2.99

This book starts where book 1 leaves us off on that little cliff-hanger.  The story continues and you feel like it will go the way you are hoping up alas the Rock Star changes course again to protect someone other than himself.  Hailey is torn between two men one giving her the attention she craves and one that gives her the right kind of feelings.  I received a copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  These are great short stories that will entertain you if you don’t have a lot of time to read a full novel and I just can’t wait for number 3 and 4 to see where this author will take these characters in the future.  Hailey finds some new self-confidence in this book and stands up for herself which I enjoyed.  Jasper is starting to have a soft spot in my heart as there is more than what you see with him.

20th August 2017

MY Review

The Curse by Margaret McHeyzer  $2.99

This is book 2 of the Butterfly Effect Series but it is the first one that I have read.  Even though I did not have the opportunity of the back story from book one I still totally enjoy every page of this gripping story. It is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone in my opinion but many other will disagree with my view. I have not read Margaret McHeyzer before and found her story telling ability to be wonderful, full of twist and turns that will have you guessing what will happen next.  This very gripping suspense book with a very strong willed female character that fights for the ones she loves at all cost, even if she must sacrifice herself along the way. While searching for the answers for the gift she never asked for that soon turns into a curse she longs so to lose.  I soon become a weapon that others one to use and her life is no longer in her control.  This book gives you the conclusion to this series.

14th August 2017

My Review

My Hot Boss   99 cents released Austust 15th.  Amazon

This is the first book of  Betty Shreffler that I have read, so OMG why have I not read her before this?  This book had me reading non-stop to the end.  It is filled with so much from attraction, friendship, lust, office romance, office bitch, family drama and most of all sexual chemistry.  Emma has the perfect job she gets to read romance novels, who don’t want her job?  Pick me, please.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  Just his name Grayson Cole sounds so sexy to me.

Emma meets Grayson Cole at a nightclub after some drinks, flirting, kissing and an embarrassing situation the night ends.  Then one month later in he walks into her work office as her New Boss, her Sexy New Boss and she know she is in trouble.  Will she get to live out one of the sexy romances from the books she reads in her office?

Grayson just wants Emma for a good time and fun but he found himself thinking of her more than he should until he starts his new job to find her working there as well.  His wants become needs and the desire for her become affection that he promised himself he would never do again.  I am her Boss this can’t be more than an office romance.  But he can not get her out of his head is he screwed?

6th September 2019

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Simple Truths (L​ost & Found Book 1)
by Michelle Dalton


I was drawn into the author's story about two very determined and strong-willed characters with the story being based in South Africa. I was moved many time during my read and experienced many feeling though out the book. Michelle Dalton is a new author to me but I have read a few books by her publisher before, so I was happy to find her work to be very much to my liking. It is a loving romance story with the characters facing many obstacles and issues along the way.

We meet Rochelle Le Roux as a Doctors with Doctors without Borders in Sierra Leone where she has been helping with the outbreak of Cholera. Until one day and old lady delivered her a prophecy she was not frightened by it but it plagued her for many days. So she suddenly resigned to return home as her days of helping others in danger placing was over. Home for Rockelle was on a Vineyard outside Prime Circle.

Lieutenant Thomas Campbell of the South African Navy he has had a very hard up bring after the death of his beloved parents. He has given himself to his country but one girl he stole one kiss from

sixteen years-ago has been on his mind of late.

Has fate brought her home for a reason? When

she sees the one man she has been dreaming

about lately she believes this may be the case.

Can she possibly face his again?

Their recent meeting is plagued by drama from

corrupt government worker to family members

from drugs, human traffickers and smuggling.

Can they face this dangerous country and find a

safe place with each other? Lives will be on the

line but Love will also be the ultimate end for all.

The book reads at a great speed that will have

you intrigued to the very end in this exciting



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8th September 2019


A Cedar Valley Series Box Set 
by Christina Butrum

All She Ever Wanted (Cedar Valley #1) ***

This was the first book from this author I have read and as it’s the first of the series I would like to read more so she how her writing style continues. I found at times it lost me but I kept reading on to see where the characters for finished up. I do not know if it was just my copy but the formatting needed to be looked at and editing as there were a few confusing parts for e.g. Liam just bought 2 coffees into the room after a small length of a page or so Liam says I need a coffee before we have this conversation together today. I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.

But overall I did enjoy the story but could only give it 3 stars as it didn’t completely hook me in and give me the feel-good feeling as I was reading. I will find the time to read the next in this A Cedar Valley series or take a look at another of the author’s books as the basic plot was great. I also liked that the story was told from Leah’s point of view as most of the books I have read lately have been from both, it was a nice change of pace.

Everything She Needed (Cedar Valley #2) ***
This is book 2 of this series where we have already meet Rachel and Adam in the first book but this book can be read as a stand-alone. The writes a sweet loving story of two single parents finding love and a place to call home with so someone else to complete their family, share parenting with and a future together. There will be parts of this book that will just melt your heart and make you want to hug the sweet characters of this story. I received a copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review. If you have read the first book you will start this book about one year after where book one finishes and also get an update on Leah and Liam as they also have a part in this book.

All She Ever Desired (Cedar Valley #3) ****
It was so lovely to immerse myself back into Cedar Valley that I almost read this book in one sitting. But the family begged for dinner so I had to leave it to feed them. It had been a while since we had last been in Cedar Valley but it all comes tumbling back as I started to read this book and learned more about these great characters. I have been looking forward to reading Conner story since book 2 “Everything she needs” where we meet him and his brother Adam. As much as I loved this book it was over just too fast for me I would have liked a bit more to the story. This is a sweet romance of friends to lovers that will have you totally entertained. I have reviewed an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my unbiased and voluntary review of this book that I would recommend to anyone how loves small-town romance books. It was also great to catch up with some of the other members of Cedar Valley and I just love Megan’s Grandmothers relationship with her. She is the ultimate Grandmother nosy, judgemental, opinionated but most of all shows great love and support.

Conner has returned home to Cedar Valley from Colorado where he was fighting fires for the last 2 years, but nothing feels the same as it was before he left. His brother has found love and a happy family; he is still estranged from his father and has forgotten why they have not spoken in years. Megan seems angry and unhappy with him and he can guess why as he never stayed in contact with his best friend for the past two years when he left very quickly. It was not a fun 2 years away from and the trauma has returned with him to effect this life and possibly his future.

Megan finally has her best friend back but he is not the same man that left her 2 years ago and neither is she. She can see Conner is struggling with something she knows him so well since they were children, but can she forgive him for leaving in the first place?

Conner is being careless and immature in both his personal life and his job, taking risks that he should not take. Will it take him to hit rock bottom before realizes he may lose more than just his job? Firefighting is in his blood and his family there is no other option for him. He knows he is not in a great place but the past is something that wants let him move forward.

Megan is a firefighter as well so she does her best to help him but she is keeping a secret from him that she is only now ready to face. Megan can see a different side to Conner he is kind, caring, dedicated, heroic nothing like the rough exterior he portrays to others.

I have read all these books on there own but this great boxset is the perfect way to immerse your self with these great characters. I highly recommend this author and these books. 

Books sitting on my Kindle


Here are some books sitting on my Kindle that I want to read in the near future so look out for my reviews soon.  I use Goodreads to keep a track of my read, want to read, and currently reading lists. 

You can find me on on these different formats:

Goodreads -

Amazon -

All prices were correct at time of posting on this page.

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