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Meet Me Under the Full Moon: Meet Me Novella (A Meet Me Romance Novella Book 1) Kindle Edition

April 7, 2017

This was a very sweet and loving story of overcoming heartache and life changing events. It's only a short story, but I wished it was so much longer as I just fell in love with the character and their chemistry together. I have not read any of Kelly Collins books before this, but will be having a look at her other volumes as I very much loved this novella.


Mark Taylor a returning soldier who has been hit by an IED is recovering at Walter Reed Hospital where he meets Ava Sawyer.  Ave knows the cost of warfare all too well, and then she is a volunteer at Walter Reed Hospital.  She holds dance classes to help heal these heroes with music and movement; she encourages the wounded vets to find a new rhythm in their lives to help them get back to living.  Ava meets Mark at dance class and over the months she has seen pasts his physical disabilities, to the man he really is.

I doubt you can read this book without being touched strongly in some way. This author goes deeply into emotions, starting over, learning to laugh by giving you a very touching short story and a heartwarming love story.



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