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Cupid's Coffeeshop Set One: Boxed Set: Books 1-4 Kindle Edition

April 22, 2017


Cupid's Coffeeshop 


Java Frost Book 1

This is a short novella that was a sweet and refreshing romance. The premise of this series is, that three cousins have one year to turn the family coffee shop back into a thriving business. The 3 cousins Joe and sibling Patrick and Zooey Lockhart inherit the coffee shop from their late Grandmother but there are string involved.  Each month they have a signature drink and a local romance springs to life.

This book is about Amy, Ben and his daughter Olivia. Amy is a school teacher in town and Olivia is one of her students.  Ben has only been a part-time dad until he has to take over looking after Olivia for a month while her mum’s working out of town.  Ben is feeling out of this depth with Olivia and asks Amy for help to learn how to  play gets to know his daughter as he finds out he cannot make Olivia smile like her favorite teacher can. . They're both a little awkward and shy with each other at first, but will they find their way to overcome this and find love?


As this is the first book it has to set the plot for the books to come.  I enjoyed it very much and had to read the next one straight away.  I love the idea of this series and as they are short stories you can get through them quickly on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The characters are enjoyable to read about and get to know in this lovely little town.



Cupid's Kiss book 2

This sweet novella is the second book in this series of Cupid’s coffeeshop.  I was disappointed when I realized I had come to the end.  I would have liked to know a bit more about these two sweet characters.  There were a question or two that were not answered in this book, but as this is a series I hope the information might come up in a future book.

This book, like the others revolves around the coffee shop where you meet the Card shop owner Valentina Mahon having coffee with her best friends. Valentina, Kennedy, Claire and Joy have been very good friends for years and like to meet at the Cupid’s coffee shop quite often during the week after work, etc.  The delivery man for both the coffee shop and card shop is Mac Romano’s.   He has had a crushed on Val ever since he started delivering to her over two years ago.  It's February so it’s the love month and Val hates Valentine’s Day since her ex-boyfriend dumped her on this day last year.  Will Mac get the courage to ask Valentina out for a Valentine’s Day date and will Val overcome the pass to gain a future?






Lucky Latte book 3

Another sweet novella in the “Cupidcoffee shop series” book 3.  Claire O’Shaughnessy is looking for a date to go to her younger sister’s large Irish family wedding, where she will be judged for being single and unmarried if she can’t find someone to pretend to be her boyfriend. After her last attempt at finding a date does not work, she forced to attend the wedding with Grayson March a co-worker.  Grayson wants Claire’s latest Audit client at work for the privilege of taking him to the wedding.  Claire is not fond of Grayson going at’s far to say he is evil and the bane of her existence, but to keep up with their deception at the wedding they agree to have some “get to know you lessons”.  Will their feelings change as they spend more time together away from work?  Will they pull off the deception at the wedding?  The coffee shop is still not making a profit and the cousins are starting to get along better with each other.  Joe and Zooey have realized that the coffee shop has brought 3 couples together, but Patrick is too worry about the spead sheets for the business to worry about the possible love magic happening around the coffee shop.







Cherry Blossom Cappuccino book 4

This story is about Ruby and Jefferson, who met 50 years ago at the Cupid's Coffee shop. Ruby was best friends with the owner Mary and Jefferson helped out in the store. These two old flames are brought together again when Jefferson is about to retire as a reporter, but comes back to town to interview Joe about his new Coffee Truck.  Ruby is the career woman working hard in here town again and will there be sparks from their youth still between them both?  I just loved this story about an older couple who are given a second change. It was a very story and a nice romantic novella that completes the first set of 4 books



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