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A Family to Keep (Hawkins Family Book 2) Kindle Edition

April 13, 2017

This book I received as an ARC copy for my voluntary review.  This book brings out all kinds of feeling as it deals with sperm denotation to life threatening illness.  Can Finn a divorcee twice and chef adapt to being an instant Dad. Amelia will not stop until she has what she needs to save her daughter's life.  She accepts a plan, but how will she respond when that plan is altered. This is the second book in the Hawkins Family series, just like the first it’s a loving and heartwarming family love story that will thaw your spirit.  I can’t wait to read more about the Hawkins family as I just love this series thus far.  These book are thought provoking with a very strong topic mixed with a really sweet love tale.


Finn donated some sperm in his college years and never thought about it again until one morning he had a knock on the door.  Amelia wanted to be a mother so she became one on her own; she is very independent and does the best for her daughter.  Amelia tracks down her daughter sperm donor in a desperate need for just one thing more.  Finn opens the door to Amelia and his life is changed, good or bad he does not know until now.  Amelia wants Finn’s sperm so she can save her child’s life, though a bone marrow operation using the core blood from the child she is determined to conceive with the sperm.  There is an instant attraction between the two of them, but the determent mother eventually leaves with what she wanted.  Will fate bring these two together again and can a family evolve?

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