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Rock Hard Fake Groom: A Single Dad, Fake Marriage Romance Kindle Edition

April 19, 2017

If you like Hot and Steamy reads this book you will enjoy.  But if you like sweet innocent reads you might want to pass on this one, as it’s steamy from the very first page, but by the end you will have your heart melting with the moments of tenderness. This father’s devotion to his daughter is inspiring and a really nice change from reading about single mothers. I wish this book was longer so we could have experienced more of these characters, as I feel they had more to tell.


Hunter owns his own motorbike repair shop; he is getting a new neighbor in the shop next door. Who could it be? But Hunter had other problems when he is served papers from his Ex and mother of his daughter, wanting custody of Tani. With the possibility of losing his daughter should Hunter takes the advice of the judge and find himself a wife, so he comes up with an idea. Will it be a fake marriage or real passion?


Sarah is risking all she has to open her bakery shop. The moment she meets Hunter her heart began to race and her mind tells her NO, she cannot fall for a Bad Boy on a motorbike again.   Sarah led a carefree life until her ex-boyfriend left her brokenhearted and broke financially.  Her main goal is to make a success out of her new business before her money run out and that leaves no time for a relationship.  Will Sarah agree to  Hunter’s idea to help both of their current situations? Or will the business agreement turn into  a business agreement with benefits?

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