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Always, Ransom (Three Rivers Express Book 1)

April 26, 2017


I found this volume to be a sweet Western Romance with a touch of a Hallmark movie feel. I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline that this story provided set in the 1860 Wyoming. I look forward to discovering more about Three Rivers Station in the following volume.  This is the first book in this series “Three Rivers Express” by both Reina Torres and Nan O'Berry.


Delia Burroughs has not had an easy life of late and is fighting to do her best to help her father run a Swing station for the Pony Express of Three Rivers Station.  Her father has turned to drink since her mother as past and her four older brothers have all left to find their way in life on their own, so that leaves Delia to take care of her father on her own.

Ransom is seeking a new life for himself in the west, so he takes a position as a rider for the Pony Express as he was happy he would get to ride Morgan ponies.  Ransom is given the privilege of being the first rider as he thinks quickly, not everyone is happy to have the Pony Express in town as Ransom soon finds out.

When Delia meets Ransom, she knew he was a man with manners and his gestures made her near breathless and she knew her heart was in trouble.  Ransom was attracted to Delia, but he believed she deserved a much more serious man than he was.  As the Pony Express riders did their best to get the enterprise working, there are some unusual things going on.  Can Delia help her father to keep their swing station going and will Ransom realize that the woman that he cares for might be in danger?

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