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Winning the Game

May 14, 2017


OMG, what a great read this book is.  This is my first book by Leesa Bow and I am so happy to have found this great Australian author on the Facebook event site.  After reading so many American authors I found it so refreshing and entertaining to read a story set in Australia, my home country.  I loved the Aussie lingo and references.  The author’s style of writing is very good, her description of her characters made you feel so much of their emotions.  There was only one plot moment that I knew was going to happen other than that she kept me guessing about what was going to happen next. It is full of up’s and down’s, twists and turns that will keep you wanting more of these characters.


Rhett Williams is given an ultimatum by president and CEO of the Blackbirds Football Club to clean up his bad-boy image or lose his contract with the club for next season.   To redeem himself the club wants him to do a Reality show called the “Contest” it’s like the Bachelor, so he can improve his public image for himself and the football clubs image as well.  Rhett is not happy but as football is his life and the money is needed to help his family’s farm, he must do whatever it takes to win his contact back with the Blackbirds club.  Rhett does not believe you can find Love on a reality show, but will this forced ultimatum change his life for the better or make it worse?


Tori Winchester is a career-focussed TV mentor, working on the set of the “Contest”.  Her job is to fix the image of the bad-boy football player, damage control is what she is good at.  Victoria – Tori to her friends is an all in working girl that does not socialize or have time for a man in her life.  There is an instant attraction when Rhett walks into Tori’s office on day one, but he is her client and she must keep this on a professional level.  Tori is up for a promotion after this TV project is finished if it does well with the public.  Will Tori risk it all for this once bad-boy footballer or will her professional ethics and career win out?


This book covers many topics that will have you enjoying every page from; lust at first sight, lies, trust, betrayal, inter-office drama, self-control, friendship, forgiveness, manipulation, sexual attraction, family secrets, blackmail, love, self-improvement, and relationships.

I voluntarily reviewed this Advance Reader copy of this book.


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