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The Secret Wife

May 15, 2017


I was given this book as part of my Book Club and I found it to be an amazing epic love story.  This is a fantasy built around a true life story of the Romanov’s Russian royal family in the early 20th Century.  As most of us have watched or read a story about this family most of these have centred on Anastasia, so I loved that this epic book was about the second oldest daughter Tatiana. The Secret Wife is a haunting, moving, sad and beautifully written book that effortlessly crosses centuries, and merges the past and present in an unforgettable epic story of survival, resilience, love, betrayal, loss and heartache.

In 1914 Grand Duchess Tatiana's, close friendship with a soldier Dimitri Yakovlevich Malama will endure a great amount of separation during the Russian war.  Their friendship will lead to love with many events taking place during this time it will inevitably put their romance and their lives in danger.

In 2016 Kitty Fisher accidentally finds out her husband is having an affair so she runs to her great-grandfather’s remote cabin on the shores of Lake Akanabee America from her English home.  As she has inherited the cabin she starts to fix up, as well as give her time to recover from the devastating marital problems, Kitty finds a jewelled pendant which will be the start of finding out about her great-grandfather and the family secrets left forgotten.

I toughly enjoyed this book but at time found the main male character to be a bit selfish and self-absorbed with himself, and not about is family members.  It was full of history and made you totally feel like you were in Russia at times, which made you feel for the people that had to endure this kind of lifestyle at this time in history. The Author has done a fantastic job writing this historical/fantasy novel which is will of heart and heartbreak.  You will not be able to put this book down once you start, as the story will be so enthralling that you just much keep reading to see if they will all live happily ever after.  #thescretwife

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