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Dally (Pendleton Petticoats Book 8)


Dally is the 8th book in the Pendleton Petticoats Books but the very first one for me.  It is a very sweet historical romance that will make you feel like you live is this great country town.  It is still very much a stand-alone book but I would guess if you had read them all a lot of the back story continuing stories of many of the characters would give you more meaning.  It is a very descriptive book with a lot of details about the characters and the families.  I think personal if I had read the other books I might have gotten more involved in the book.  Saying that, I very much enjoyed the writing style and story.  There is a lot of real life history in snippets in this books that I found interesting.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.



Set in 1910 in Pendleton Oregon Miss Dally Douglas is staying with her brother Hunter on the B Bar D family ranch on holidays from her home in Asheville North Carolina.  Dally is a stubborn, freethinking independent  19 years old who wants to experience her life before the responsibilities of a husband and children fill her life.  She loves her horses and the country life and can see herself married to a cowboy, she is even known to wear her younger brother trouser around the ranch.


Nik Nash has final permanently returned home to join partners with the local doctor in Pendleton.  Pendleton has been his home since he was 14 when Garrett and Aundy took him in as an Orphan.  He sees Dally at the train station his first day back as she says goodbye to her family traveling back to North Carolina and is surprised at how she are changed in the time he has been away.  His plan is to stay single to establish his practice and to be the best Doctor he can possibly be for the town of Pendleton, so he does not need the distraction or fascination of a woman to distract him.


Dally is not impressed with Nik Nash, as he rides a motorcycle around instead of a horse is beyond her comprehension.  But her Grandmother gives her some advice before she leaves “Don’t cheat yourself out of the opportunity to experience true love by casting a blind eye to those who don’t fit your notion of how things should look, or act.” A Doctor is not husband material for Dally she wants a rancher, cowboy or a farmer.


Will these two find their way to each other or will their difference be too much to overcome what they may feel?


I found Nik’s character to be caring, loyal, loving, sweet and very much involved with is family and patents.

I personally found the first half of the book to lack the romance elements as the books was more in the back story of the series, with updates of the existing past characters.  But like I have said before I have not read the other books so if you have this type of context would be a great to read.

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