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Kingdom (Avenues Ink Series Book 2)

May 24, 2017


What a loving and moving second chance books this was, I got lost it this beautiful and emotional story.  This is the first books of A.M.Johnson that I have read and I am hooked on her writing style.  Each page is full of raw emotions which will have you falling in love with Kelly and Liam story.  The author has shared the past and present together in a journey of the lives of Kelly and Liam.  I don’t normally like books that keep twisting between past and present but this one was written beautifully that you almost didn’t notice the change as you were just so enthralled in the story you were reading.  This story spans over 11 years and is full of heartbreaking moments and the most loving of moments as well.  An epic Love story you just must read.  I have not read the first books of this series and as it did not detract from this book at all I really feel this is a stand-alone, but in saying that I really want to read the first book to read Declan and Paige’s story in full.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.

I total enjoyed Liam’s character in the book he had so many layers of himself to share that you could not help but fall in love with him.  The Painted Prince give out the tuff guy vibe but inside he is all about family and love.  Tattoo artist Liam is the complete opposite of the beautiful Model Kelly but they somehow fit together.  Liam always puts his family first and constantly struggles with this balance of taking care of his loved ones' over the needs and wants of his himself.  They are both linked by their love and faith in a fairy tale from their youth that promises them a happily ever after, but can real life be the same?

Kelly wanted more for her live then what her mother had for hers, she had a difficult childhood and when she meets Liam he becomes her prince. Her abusive father always told her that her beauty was the only thing she had to offer, so her plan was to escape her personal hell when she was 18 years old. Then she meets Liam and can he be her prince and save her? It’s the present and three years ago Kelly made the biggest decision of her life to leave Liam and move to California to seek out her modelling career.  As fate would have it she returns to her hometown and sees Liam again.  Can they forgive each other or will they continue to ignore their feelings?

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