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The Amish Best Friend

May 29, 2017

This is a very sweet Amish story about faith, friendship, truth, and love.  I really enjoy this very sweet Amish story with real Amish words used in the contexts of the book.  This is my first book by Katie Fisher and I found it very entertaining and a very short enjoyable read.  I love reading about the Amish people and feel it depicts their religion well.   I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.


Hannah is an Amish school teacher who neighbour and friend’s husband is murdered in the small Amish community of Orthause.  The murder of Ezekiel Miller had come after his wife Martha and the children had left him due to his mistreatment of them all.  Hannah remembered Ezekiel as a loud and angry man and saw the bruises he inflicted on his children and wife. 


Hannah is seeing a Mennonite man Eli and her best friend is Abram they have been friends since childhood.  After the murder, Abram or Eli meets Hannah at the schoolhouse each day to walk her home safely.  After her friend Martha is arrested for her husband’s murder, Hannah decides to investigate the murder herself and that’s when to trouble begins.  Will she change her religion to marry or will she choose a different path?


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