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Billionaire Romance: (The Heir of a Billionaire - Ethan’s Dream ) Kindle Edition

June 1, 2017

 I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  I enjoyed this book and the main characters of this story but felt that it ended too sharply.  I believe there will be more about these two characters in the future, but still, the ending left me flat. I agree with other comments that the editing needs improving which I believe the final published book has been changed.   In my opinion, the descriptive language used in the sex sections needs to be re-examined as I felt the author tried to use too many different descriptive words to describe the sexual relationship between these two characters.   I believe this is the Author's first book and she must be congratulated for her talent and desire to share her story with us.

In saying all that I did really love Denise and Ethan’s story, each character had their own issues to work through during their journey together.  I love a Hate to Love story it is always entertaining and fun to read full of drama and miscommunication.


Denise hates Ethan the playboy billionaire who is her best friends Alisa’s and husband to be Alex’s best man.  Alex is also Denise’s boss so she knows a bit about his reputation of using women and always being in the headlines of lifestyle gossip magazines for all the wrong reasons.  Denise gets very drunk at the wedding and can’t control the unwanted feelings she is having for the hated Ethan Stiles.  Will this one drunken night change her life completely or will she realize the mistake she has made?


Ethan thought that Denise looked sexier than ever at the wedding and this had remained him that he has wanted her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her when they first meet at Alex’s office.  Denise would never give him the time of day when Ethan tried to hit on her in the past.  Ethan did not believe in Love and thought marriage was a trap for women to tied men down, it was something that would never happen to him.  Little did he know that less than 12 hours late he would wake up a married man?


These books will take you on an adventure with these two characters’ lives on their way to understand themselves and their feeling for each other. 

A great read and I can’t wait until the next book comes out to get the answers I so desperately what to know. 

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