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Nina (Beach Brides Book 3)

This book is part 3 of a 12 book series called “Beach Brides” each different author has written their book based on a vacation of 12 Book Club friends on a Caribbean holiday.  Each member casts a message bottle out to sea in their search for their dream heroes.


This book picks up 8 months after the Caribbean holiday in which Nina did not throw her bottle into the sea.  But will she find her hero when she goes back to her high school town to stay at her boss’s and best friend’s house for a month?  Finn Regan is a returned injured veteran who went to school with Nina.  Nina thought she had the house to herself but find her old high school crush Finn living and working in the house.


How will these two get along 10 years later?  Will Nina go through with the promise she makes her best friend?  Finn is a genuinely nice guy but Nina is too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions to trust him.  She’s not open and honest with him, but their differently chemistry between the two.


I found this book very entertaining and Nina’s message in her bottle was just hilarious.  This is my first book of the series and the first one of Stacey Joy Netzel I have read.  Her style is fun to read and her characters are very suited to each other. 


I would highly recommend this book and the series, as I will be reading more of both author and beach brides in the future.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.



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