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Millie's Angel


This book will make you laugh, cry, feel sad, reminisce and break your heart.  It is full of drama from domestic violence, first love, abandonment, friendship, grief and the belief that there is something more to this life we live.  It all starts with Millie getting a journal from her mum to tell her to write down all the whispers she hears.  At the time she did not understand but as time goes one she has a better understanding of Love and Faith.


This is a very different book to what I normal read, which is very intriguing and suspenseful.  Millie sees the world in colors, light, and angel's wings while she tries to fill her life with Love and Faith.  During her 14th year to her 24th year, you will travel with Millie, her family and friends though many issues until she learns fully of her angelic gift.


There are many secrets to learn along the way, as well as getting flashbacks in time to see why the different people in her life act the way they do.  Millie was a strong female character that you will feel strongly for her to have the life she deserves not the life she was given.


I really enjoyed Kim Petersen’s writing style and the characters she has created in this book.  I hope there will be a follow-on book as there were many questions not answered at the end of this read.  I received a free copy of this book for my voluntary honest review.

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