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Saving Silas: The Boys of Fury


What a great story this is, I just could not put it down.  I fall in love with Silas straight away and wanted to see him happy and contented.  The author’s storytelling style was wonderful as I have not read the first book of this series "Redeeming Ryker", so had none of the backstory to fall back on.


Silas Savage has come back to the last place on earth he wants to be in, Fury Colorado.  His hometown where his Parents died and were the start of a nightmare he calls his life began.  He is returning from the military in which he has severed his country for the past 10 years.  Silas is unsure of his future but knows he will not have a life like is brother Riker’s, how is about to become a father and is in a loving caring relationship with Ana.  Then he meets the sassy single mother Grace, and will one kiss change everything he believes and want?


Grace Faraday has recently moved to Fury from Denver in the search for a better life for herself and for her infant son Blue.  Grace has been burned my man in her past including her father and she is determined she doesn’t need a man or needs to fall for a man again.  But then Silas walks into her life she realized she needs his help. Silas is her best friends Ana’s partner Riker's brother how she knows little about.  Will the decision to kiss a man she does not know change her hopes and dreams for a better life for her son?  Silas is not Grace's type at all but there is something about him that makes her feel that they are what each other needs at this time.


Can Silas be the man Grace needs and can Grace be the one to save Silas from himself and his past?


Kelly Collins books always fill you with love, hope, emotions, and joy.  This book will give you all this plus so much more as you enjoy the chemistry between all the character in this very growing family "The Boys of Fury".  I really much read the first one as I received this book as an Advance Free Copy of my voluntarily written an honest review.

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