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A Promise to Keep

June 18, 2017

This is book three of this great series about the Hawkins family.  Each book in the series draws you in more and more, too the love this family as for each other and for the people, they find along the way.  I was looking forward to reading Hayden's story as we have already had a glimpse into his life in the other books, we have already heard the story about their brother Ian death which happened many years ago.  This books is set to be released June 26th and is not yet available on Amazon  as yet, but I will add link when available to purchase.


Hayden Hawkins made his brother a promise on his deathbed to take care of his son Nick and Nick’s mother Ronni after he was gone.  Hayden didn’t hold his end of the promise at first as he signed up for the Marines straight after Ian’s death.  He still has avoided Ronni over the years due to the fact that she broke her dying brother heart but has had contact with his nephew.


Ronni needs help with her son Nick when he gets in trouble with the police and as her cheating husband has returned home from his service is a PVS permanent vegetative state in a nursing home, she has not other option but to contact Hayden Hawkins for help and guidance with Nick. The last thing she wants is to get involved with the love them and leave then in 30 days Hayden.


Hayden is happy to stand up and keep his promise to protect and guide Nick but is unsure he can deal with having contact with Ronni.  When he learns her side of the past he soon changed is mind about her and the past don’t matter the chemistry between them grows.   He can’t forget the past but can’t fight the feeling he is now having.  But Ronni is still married.


Can these two fight their feeling and the past to overcome what they want or need?


I received a free copy of the book and I voluntarily wrote an honest review.  Another great book by Susan Gable that will have you feeling so many things at once.  Her characters are so loving and full of emotions you just want to give them a big hug.  If you have not read any book in this series I recommend you do so you can grab the first one “ A hero to Keep” for free you won't regret reading this great thought provoking and loving stories.


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