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Alabama Skye Kindle Edition

June 24, 2017


I found this story hard to get into at the beginning with too much Scottish dialogue a bit difficult to understand.  So I put it down for a few days then started again and I am glad I come back to it.  I still found bits a bit boring and hard to follow but the author was very descriptive with her character, you just had to see where they were going.

The book starts in Scotland, Isle of Skye where Cheney McGillvray has lived for over 37 Years, but after the tragic death of her husband Callum.  They ran a B&B called The Blue House together until his death, know a year later Cheney can’t continue alone in Scotland so she decides to head to Alabama USA to be closer to the only family she has left.  Her half-sister Meara lives in a beach town in Kelby along the gulf coast of Alabama.

Meara own the local bookstore and is surprised when you sister arrives unannounced saying she needs to talk.  Cheney has a plan for her future with her half of her father’s house if her sister agrees, it would also help Meara’s daughter Greer how has just finished culinary school and has returned home pregnant.

Greer believes her Grandmother Sarah would be very happy with the plan Cheney has for her and her husband’s old house.  Cheney wants to turn it into a Scottish B&B with Greer going into partnership with her.  So Greer agrees to work with her aunt and with the help of her best friend Noah the hard work starts to learn new Scottish recipes.  Gannon’s Glen is born.

A hurricane brought more than just destruction as an aftermath it also brought Greer’s childhood friends/boyfriends back to his childhood home to check on the damage.  We learn what Jimmy’s been up to over the last 5 years and what took his away from Greer in the first place.  What will Jimmy think when he sees Greer for the first time in 5 years?

Greer and Cheney share a very special relationship that grows through this story as they grow their business and their lives together in this lovely little town.  Cheney will also share her past and why she comes to the Gulf Coast to seek out a relationship with her only family.

I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review. This town reminds me of a TV show called “Heart of Dixie” that I just loved with all the festivals in town and the community.  The author has described a very lovely story and town with a very loving family and friends involved together.  You will feel like you have visited two different places during the course of this book Alabama and Scotland. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

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