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Love's Prophet (The First Street Church Romances)

June 27, 2017


This Book is being released today 27th June 2017.


This is the first books of “The First Street Church” Romances series that I have read and I was totally overwhelmed with emotions while reading this book.  It is full of heartbreak, love, hope, grieving,  struggles, patience and faith.  Even though its part of a series it is a stand alone book that will melt your heart and make you feel things for these wonderful characters.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.


Could his little girl be the messenger of God's love?  This is what Melissa Storm wrote at the start of her blurb and it’s the message through this book.


Liam James and his daughter Molly-Sue are trying to carry one after the death of Rebecca James their wife and mother died of cancer over one year ago.  Rebecca asked her daughter to be her fathers Angel and to help him find happiness again after she was in heaven.  So when she was gone she left her letters and Molly-Sue is determined to fulfill her promise to her mother and to see her father happy and smiling again.


Jennifer is a part-time child care teacher as well as Molly-Sue’s a Sunday school teacher and was a very good friend of Rebecca’s but when the 7-year-old hand picks her to be her new mommy,   what will she feel or do?  Molly-Sue plays a little matchmaking with the eternal optimist Jennifer who even despite her financial difficulties,  downsizing of her job, and ongoing car troubles she always has faith that everything will work out. 


Liam is conflicted with his love, commitment and memories of Rebecca, that at first, he can’t see himself moving on to a new life or a new love.  As faith, Rebecca and Molly-Sue have different plans in mind for Liam will he be able to Love again and to make his and daughters life happy and fulfilled again?


I would recommend this great sweet love story about a family in need of some extra love and support in life.  Will Molly-Sue be able to bring new love into her father's life or will she fail on her promise to her dying mother’s wish?

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