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See You Again

June 28, 2017


I just love this series and this book was great with the story of Sanda Crawford and Gerald Payton (Trey).  Sandra is about to be the Mother of the Groom as Cam and Norah’s wedding is also told in this book.  I loved that is story is about a more mature couple that has a second chance at love 30 years later.


Sandra Crawford is a very strong independent woman who is Mayor of this great little town called “Wishful”.  She learns that the man behind helping the town grown and prosper is a past friend that she almost left her husband for 30 years ago.  She has not seen him in all this time but has wondered about him at times.


Gerald Peyton, III a billionaire has been involved with wishful for a while up until a disaster hits the town and affects his friend Norah’s wedding he has kept his identity a secret from the woman he has never forgotten.  For 30 years he has regretted his decision to let Sandy go, but he is now determined to win her heart again.

A simple surprise date between the two will end with them waking up in Vegas Married.  Sandy thinks they have made a drunken mistake, but Trey is determined to make this marriage legitimate and will fight for her.

Will Sandy give him go a second time?

I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  Kait Nolan has given us another great book that will fill you with emotions and love. If you have not read any of this series I recommend you do if you like a well written short easy read that will fully entertain you page after page.  You will fall in love with great little town and the people. I had wished the story was a bit longer but I feel that about most of Kait Nolan novels as I totally enjoy them and don’t want them to finish.  You get to read about some great characters.

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