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Steal (Seaside Pictures #3)


This is the first book for Rachel Van Dyken that I have read and oh my goodness this was such a great read, I had it all read in just over one day.  It’s full of emotions, drama, hate, and love in every chapter.  You will not be able to put it down and at times you will be yelling at the pages and characters to open their eyes and stop being stupid as well as laugh out loud.  I love a second chance love story and this one has it all and a bit more.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  My heart melted with these characters and the story they told us about their present and their past life. 

Steal is the third book in the Seaside Pictures series by Rachel Van Dyken but can be read as a stand-alone book.  I am sure this if you started at book one Capture and book two Keep you would have more of the back story of some of the other characters in this great book.

Will Sutherland and Angelica Greene both were famous very early in their lives, Will in a very popular Boy Band and Angelica a Movie Actress.  They have a very damaged past together that may not be repairable.

To Will Angelica was no longer the girl he loved just the bitch of a client, and he was her only hope to save her acting career.  Will hated the feeling he has around her, but he told himself he hated her more.  Why was he doing this job?  Because she needed his help and he loved having the power to destroy her like she destroyed him in the past.

Angelica at age 26 was already being pushed to retirement until she got the role in the second movie blockbuster of Jayme Jameson set in Seaside.  She was playing the part of a nemesis to Jameson’s wife who was playing the lead female role; she was the enemy, the hated one, the villain.  This was a role she knew of well as she was always the villain in her personal life.  In her past, she made a choice in which she picked drugs over her relationship with Will and blames herself for the damage she did to both his life and her own.

When there is a chance in the Movie that will affect both Angelica and Will, how will they both react to the other? 

As things improve there will be a visitor from the past that may put it all in jeopardy.          

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