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Truck Stop Tango

July 10, 2017


This book is free on Amazon here is the link


I must say I really could not put this book down; it had me tapping my Kindle busily to the end.  This is the first book of Krissy Daniels that I have read and the first book in this series as well.  I found her writing intriguing and full of drama she told us a wonderful story that was totally enjoyable to read.  It’s a second chance story with twists, turns, drama, hate, love, and loss.  You will just love the characters and enjoy getting to know and understand them on the journey through the book.  This is my honest review of this book that I read.  It was a bit steamy in parts but it was in total contexts of the story so it just enhanced the drama of the book.  I would highly recommend this series and can’t wait until next week when books two “Truck Stop Tryst” is released.


Tango Rossie is back in town after leaving six years ago after making the biggest mistake of his life and running away from the only woman he has loved.


Slade Mason was betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust.  Five years ago she made a very hard and difficult decision that would forever change her life.  The last person she wanted to see was Tango back in town for his Mum’s funeral; she hoped he was not staying long.


Tango wanted her back and decided to do whatever it took for her to forgive him for what he did to her in the past, but she was keeping something from him and he would have to fight to knock down her walls.


Will Slade keep her secret and open her heart again or has the chance to forgive been left to long?


Can Tango be the man he wants to be and show Slade he is a better man now and will he accept the decisions she has made that will greatly affect their future together or apart?

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