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True to You (A Love Happens Novel Book 3)

July 15, 2017


This is book three in this series "A Love Happens" Novels and my first one I have read.  I loved it and could not put it down you will laugh, cry and most of all fall in love with these two characters.  Your heart will break with them as you learn their story of loss and love.  This is a second chance story about two people that fall in love at first sight 6 years ago.  The author's writing was full of drama and excitement you were always wondering what would happen to them next and what happened in the past to have them at this point in their lives.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  This book starts at the present time than at times jumps back to 6 and 4 years in the past to fill you in on the character background and history together.


6 years ago - Olivia Quinn was working at a new job in a winery at Coleson Creek.  She was not looking for love just a new start in her life after her father passed away and she moves from Savannah.  But one night at a work function she meets Asher Coleson the owner's son and her heart is tempted.

Asher Coleson was a Special Ops and the heir to the family winery who was only home for 72 hours when he meets Olivia.  They spend the 72 hours together and it’s love at first sight for them both and the start of a lifetime together or so they thought.

Ash is a true Military man in which the job comes first, but his love for Viv is just as strong.  He is estranged from his father and does not like her working for him on the winery. He proposes a few months after meeting her and life seem to be going well.


Present day - It has four years later with husband and wife has not seen each other for most of this time.  They both have their issue and secrets but Olivia thinks she needs to see him be able to close this part of her past.

She is still working for the winery but Ash has left the military.

Ash offers her a plan and if after this time she still wants a divorce he will give it to her.  Can he fight for his wife and win her trust and love again?  Will the past be too much for them both to overcome?  The chemistry between these two is steamy and hot.

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