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Adrift (Kill Devil Hills Book 4)

This is the fourth book in the series but the first book that I have read by the author Sarah Darlington. I was not aware that it was part of a series until I finished it and was about to write this review, so it is a complete stand-alone as well. I found the story to be very entertaining and the characters were full of history, pain, and soul searching. I would very much like to read more by this author as I totally enjoyed this book.


Ben Turner is a young man of mystery and a history what will unfold as you read along. He faked his own death for nine months then had to face up to his mistakes and pay the price for them.


Juniper Hugs runs away from her abusive fiancé when she finds out she is pregnant, she knows she cannot put her child through this type of life. So with only 500 and the clothes on her back see leave and heads to North Carolina, why the bus drops her off at Kill Devil Hills. She does realize that the one beach house she decides to break into will change her life. Ben is living with his parents on probation and notices something strange about the house next door and goes to investigate.


What he finds may help him to fight the demons of his past and give him some kind of direction in his mixed up life.


I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.


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