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Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush (Marshall Family Saga)

I found this book very hard to get into and confusing at times in the first half of it.  I have read a few of Victoria Pinder books before and enjoyed them a lot more than this one, but it is still a good read as I did read to the end.  I do not waste my time to continue reading a boring or poor written book which this one was NOT.  The two characters were very enjoyable to read about as they have been friends since high school so they knew and understood each other to some point.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  The blurb had me expecting a bit more then we got from this book, as it just didn't flow as smoothly as her other books.  I would still recommend this book.


Penny Knightheart has moved back to Miami after a year out of college to start a new job, but Miami is not the place she really wants to return to.  She would like to be far away from her gold-digging mother that will create drama in her life to better her life, not her daughters.  The first person she sees when she arrives into town is her high school crush John Jay Marshall and friend of many years.


Jay is very happy to see Penny back in town and he sets a plan into motion for her to help him with his business investors.  Jay comes from money and is trying to make his way in business on his own without his family involvement.  More from friends to more was not in the plan for Jay but he soon has feelings he cannot help but show.


Things don’t go as plan for Penny and she ends up moving in with Jay and this is when underlying mothers and secrets start to play out to cause drama between these two friends.


Will this turn friends apart or bring them closer to their true feeling?  Will the mothers get their way with controlling their child's lives?


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