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Tempting Gabe (The Hawke Fortune)

This was a great little story that has a bit of everything from drama, suspense, attraction, forgiveness, love, need and most of all a happy ending.  I totally enjoyed every page of this book and loved the characters and their connection with each other.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review. I would recommend this book to anyone as it’s a great clean read that will entice you to see where it might end.


Gabe Hawke is an ex-Marine that has his own computer technology company that he has started since return home.  His parents have recently had an attempted assassination on their lives that have left them both in hospital in a coma.  With threats to his family members can he protect them and do the right thing for all.


Megan Murdock is still grieving the loss of her mother and has been trying to reclaim her mother’s ring from her reclusive brother Maddox when she finds out more than what she was looking for.  Maddox has return from the marines a different person than the brother she once knew, she has now learned about his secret and in a desperate need to keep her promise to her mother she has to find a way to help him. 


She has to come up with a plan to save her brother and get him the help he needs at the same time to save the innocent people that are endangered as well as herself.  So she turns to the only person she thinks may help them all and she soon realizes she has gotten into more than she was looking for in the beginning.


Can she expect to get the help she needs from the one person that should hate her the most?


Will he finally find the feeling and life he has been searching for since coming home?


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