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Banished Love (Banished Saga #1)

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All I can say is thank god I was not born a century earlier than I was, as I would not have been as subservient as the women of this time.  Set in 1900 in Boston at the turn of the new century this story about a young girl who will have you thinking how easy we take for granted the choices and lifestyle we have today.  Gossip was a very big issue of the time and where your reputations could be totally affected by the upper-class gossip.  There is also a Prequel that I found after I read book 1 Love's First Flames (Banished Saga, 0.5): Banished Saga at Amazon



This historical romance had very authentic dialogue and descriptive narrative to have you feeling you were in the era in time, with the wonderful characters of the book.  There is a cliff-hanger that will just make you wanting book 2 straight away, but with so many wonderful characters involved in the story, I can see many more books to come, for the author to explore and get us all hooked on this great family drama.


Clarissa Sullivan is a very strong young lady that has had a loss and a broken heart but still dreams of a life with purpose and meaning.  She has gone against her society's beliefs for a single woman and is a teacher at a immigrants school in West End Boston.  Clarissa believes in the right for a woman to vote and is a member of the suffragette movement in Boston.  This does not go down well with her family and the community where she is told she is not a desire for a future husband and the fact that she is clumsy to the point of accident prone.


After causing an accident to Gabriel McLeod a cabinetmaker working in her Uncle’s shop their first time, they soon start feeling affection for each other.  She is determined to face the prejudices that her family and society have on the differences of their classes to see if the relationship can develop to love.


They have a fight on their hand to overcome gossip and their pasts to see where the future may take them.


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