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Vaughn's Pride: California Cowboys

August 20, 2017

Released on the 21st August for $3.99

This is book 2 of the California Cowboys series and the first one I have read but you can count on me reading the first one now that I have read this great Love story.  Vaughn’s Pride is the best title for this great book of Vaughn Jenkins an amputee after an accident tries to readjust to his changing life.  You don’t really find out how the accident happened but I am sure if I read the first book Cade's Loss I will find my answer.  This book had me reading it all in one day as I could just not put it down and needed to find out if Vaughn could overcome his many issues to keep his pride in himself.  I received a free copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.


Vaughn Jenkins is the youngest of the Jenkins brothers and has had his dreams shattered 7 years ago when his parents were killed in a car accident and now he is fighting with himself both physically and emotionally after losing his lower left leg in an accident changes his life completely.  Pride, dignity, honor and a broken heart are keeping him from his soul me and friend for 20 years.


TJ Brisco is the girl next door that has grown up with the Jenkins brothers and had her heart broken my Vaughn when he needed her the most 7 years ago when he lost his parents.  She is now his physical therapist helping him recover and use his new Prosthetic legs until his pride and temper are too much for her to take any longer.  She can no longer keep shattering her heart when it comes to Vaughn and believes they story is over and she must look forward to a new life.


Will Vaughn realize too late that TJ is his one true love?

Will Pride stop him from moving forward?

Will she give him another chance to break her heart?

Will the past be overcome to look at the future?

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