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Done Running

August 30, 2017

$2.99  What a great story of revenge, redemption, fate, forgiveness, hope, love, and strength to keep going on.  This is my first book by this author and I was totally happy with this find.  It was a busy story with a lot of great characters and storylines.  I enjoyed the author's style of writing and the flow was good, a few times I got a bit lost as to where and when I was in the story but that could have just been me trying to read too late at night.  I must say I was not ready for the book to end when it did I said: “No not yet please I want more”.  This story is full of twists and turns and has you wondering what's going to happen next.


Porsha Lemere changed her name to Angela when her parents hit rock bottom and moved them to Kansas to start over, after losing all their money and a rich life style.  Life was not easy after that for Angela and she learned to use knives to defend herself as there was oneself to defend her.  Angela meets Parker a senior college boy at a fraternity party one night after a stolen kiss things turn bad.  She uses her knife to get back what was her’s,  Parker wants revenge and he starts his search to find her.


Angela decides to take an offer up she was given by Chase Stantrop months ago to flee Kansas and the trouble she was in.  So off to Alaska she went to work as a cook.  Angela was unaware that 2 people were in pursued to find her Parker and her mother Miralda.  Her mother had left with her 2 brothers years ago, she was not a great mother or wife.  Miralda wanted money and would do what she had to to get it including extorting her only daughter to get it.

What will happen when she is found?


Who will find her?


Will Angela find more than she ever thought she wanted in life?




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