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Delivering Decker

September 1, 2017

Release Day is 4th Sep you can Pre- Order know for $2.99


Kelly Collins has done it again, made you fall in love with another Savage brother. I really loved these two characters they were so different that they just seemed so right for the other.  I love how we still had some developments with the other characters in this series during this book.  Ryker and Silas have finally found their long lost a younger brother but what will they do with the information about him?  This story is full of emotions and family drama, but most of all it’s about finding love and learning to face it head first.  If you have not read any books in the Fury boy’s series I highly recommend you do, you will enjoy these books and the wonderfully written words of Kelly Collins.  I received a copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.



Decker seemed to have it all as Kelly said in her blurb:

He’s rich. 
He’s handsome. 
He’s lost. 


Decker is stuck in his father’s world and want to make him proud but knows this is not what he wants for himself.  One unplanned ride on a motorbike will change his world from that night when he stops at a Dinner for help and meets Hannah.  He has an instant attraction to her but most of all it’s the feeling she gives him that has her on his mind and distracted at work.


Hannah is a waitress, this is not the place she thought she would be at, but her future lately has not been great, with an addict mother to take care of she left school so her younger sister could stay.  Life is just work and home until she opens the door one night to a very attractive man in need of help.  But life for Hannah does not get better once Decker shows up things still keep going the wrong way for her and her family.  Can she dream for normal or a future with hope and love?


She once had a thing for Ryker but will she still get her Savage bad boy anyway?

Can they help each other to find what is missing in their life?


Or will the secret Hannah knows about Decker tear them apart?


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