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His Heart (HIS Series Book 7)

September 2, 2017

Pre-Order for just 99 cents Release day is a 5th September. 


This is book seven of the series but the very first one for me and I must say I really enjoyed this story.  I will have to take a look at the other books in this series as some of the characters in this one were very interesting and I would love to learn more about them. You could guess at some of the plot and story lines but it was the journey that had you turning the page wanting more.  This is a story about finding a second chance at love and of life in which you will feel emotions for both of the character in their fight to find happiness.  I found Matt love and understanding to Caitlyn’s situation to be completely romantic and had my heart melting.


For Matt Hamilton His heart is hers, but life must go on without her.  Eight years later after many changes in his life Matt is called to protect Caitlyn Robinson, his past maybe his future again.  With the help of his family’s business Matt will ensure he does everything to protect her this time around.


Caitlyn Robinson has moved away from her past, but has not healed from the circumstance that ended and destroyed her past with the one man that had her heart.  Now that problem has returned and is chasing her down can the one person she blamed be the one person that will protect her now.


Will they both be able to forgive and forget the past?


Can Caitlyn learn to trust a man again?


Will his past turn her away?


I highly recommend this great book that I received a copy of and this is my voluntary and honest review.  Sheila Kell is a new author to me and I am happy to have found her and her wonderful stories and heartfelt characters.


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