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One Last Objection

September 4, 2017

$3.99 Release day is 7th September.

When I thought this series could not get any more emotional and heart-warming Nancy gives just this great moving story of two workaholics.  This is the fourth book in the Oak Grove Series in which we have to meet the other 3 siblings of the Bennet family.  Last is Michael Bennett this attorney that lives in Philly and has been trying to make a partner for the last 3 books.  Unbeknownst to his family and us he has been having friends with benefits relationship with the town’s psychologist Dr Margaret James Maggie.  If you have not read this series I highly recommend that you do as they will give you that heart-warming and happy feeling when you finish one of these books and you will fall in love with the characters this great author bring to us.  I received a copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.

Life is about to change for Michael in many ways that he never thought would happen to him.

Maggie James is a very successful psychologist and has been very busy growing her practice in the town of Oak Grove to do more than having friends with benefits relationship with the out of town  Michael Bennett.  Maggie did not grow up with a loving family and knew that this was something she would not have, so she dedicated her time and energy to her patients so they could have the happy life they want to be 'd.

Michael’s dream of making partner at his law firm come shattering down around him so he decided it was time to return home and take over the local attorney’s practice.  This was something he did not think he would ever do return home for good.  But there was an upside to home Maggie James was there.


Miss independent Maggie soon learns of her unplanned pregnancy and doesn’t want to accept the future she will now have.  What is Michael do when he finds out?  How will she keep her business going and have a child?  How can she be a mother?  These were only a few of the things screaming in her head.


Is Michael a traditional man with traditional values can miss independent Maggie take a chance on him? 

Will she learn that she is worthy of being loved and wanted?


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