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Call of the Dragon (Flight of the Dragons)

September 6, 2017


I have read a few of Victoria Pinder’s book but this is the first fantasy shifter one I have read.  I did really enjoy the story but did find it a bit too rushed and confusing in parts.  I feel it should have been longer to fulfill the full story of the characters and the plot better, but in saying that I look forward to reading the next on to see who will find their mate next. The start had me intrigued to see where the author was taking me as I had no idea where the story was going, as the two main characters meet so quickly and married on the third day.  .  I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  This story has Dragon, Vampires and Werewolf who are in search to find and understand their shapeshifting abilities and the power they potentially have to protect the world or fight for it.


Daphne Garlin finds herself in Italy as a personal assistant and trying to find a new life for herself after the death of her beloved Grandmother.  With no family left she is on her own in the world and with her isolated childhood she is happy her job is keeping her very busy.  This all changes when she is given free time to explore the city and she meets a man that will change everything, her life her heart and her memories.


Robert De Marco is the best-selling author and had a strong desire to go to Italy but he did not know why at the time.


Daphne falls hard and fast for this man and soon learns of his many secrets, he opens her eyes to her past memories and soon she sees how she really is.  Can she help protect him and the ones he loves and can she find the love she needs?


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