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Billionaire Ever After

September 12, 2017

99 cents Release day is the 12th September 


Billionaire Ever After 

I was given the opportunity to read some of the books in this new series and this is my voluntary and honest review of the 5 stories that I have read.  I enjoyed the stories and found them very entertaining and as some authors were new to me I hope to take a look at their other works.  Each story has its own HEA and some great sexy Billionaire to fall for.


Beachcomber Billionaire by Stephanie Queen

Megan is an ex-Marine who has taken a last minute personal protections joy to protect billionaire CEO Jack Collins.  He was not what she was expecting he was young fit and attractive not old and bald.  If Jack knew that she would be his personal protector he might have agreed to have a bodyguard much earlier than he did.  Will their personal attraction get in the way of doing the job at hand to protect Jack from whoever was after him and his company?  This was a lovely story with a bit of romance, action, suspense and humor.  I have never read anything by the author Stephanie Queen but after this I will have to go check out her other works.  I would love to read more about these two interesting characters in the future please.


A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire by Courtney Hunt

If you have read the Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire series of books in which   “A Teacher for the Billionaire” was included you will already be familiar with some of the characters of this next book in Courtney Hunt’s Billionaire series.  This book is a second chance of Love 5 years after Finn left town to explore the world, he is reunited with his one lost love Jenny at the elopement of their best friend Callie to her Billionaire on a Caribbean island.  Best Friends at Collage the 3 were very close until Jenny was left with a broken heart, when Finn left the day after their one night together 5 years ago.  Can they be friends again even just for the friend’s wedding?  What has Finn been doing for the last 5 years?  Jenny has been living her dream to be a search librarian but she is not happy what is missing…. A Billionaire of her own like Callie has found.  Courtney Hunt always gives me a great feeling after reading one of her sweet stories.


The Broke Billionaire by Ann Omasta

Trey Donovan is a billionaire but he feels like a broke man when I comes to Love, intimacy and desire.  Ellie Thorne is the owner of Snickerdoodle Bakery which was her dream to open since she was 8 years old al that was missing in her life was her Prince Charming.  On her way to work one morning after her staff member called in sick at 3.30 am,  Ellie was reaching for her ringing phone when she heard a thud and stopped her car.  Thinking she had hit an animal she was shocked to learn it was a man a handsome man.  Ellie thought she had met the perfect man but then learns who he is and know he would not be interested in her.  Can the Billionaire win the heart of the local baker?

This was a very flirty funny story where an accident can save your life.


Breakaway Description by Christine Kingsley

Colin Caldwell is a bit of a playboy how has returned to Breakers Bay to escape, relax and to have a great time.  He has been coming to Breakers Bay each summer for the last 7 years and has had his pick of summer flings except on the one he wants Hadley Hendricks.  Hadley has kept Colin in the friend's zone all this time as she doesn’t want to be left with a broken heart when the summer is over like all the others.  Can love change it all?  I loved these two characters and their friends I have not read anything by this author before so I hope I can read more about the people in this great book.


At his Command by Allison Gatta

Charlotte (Lottie) Strong was everything that he didn’t like in a woman but this didn’t stop Jake Prescott from wanting to claim a bit of revenge on her at the Bachelorette Charity auction.  Jake did not realize she was not the woman he believed her to be coming from wealth and a powerful family.  The things Lottie will do for her cause or is it just the power her mother as over her?  I love reading about strong will females characters.

Will it be Hate to Love for these two?


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