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Summer Love Puppy (Have A Hart, #6)

September 30, 2017

Just 99 cents 

This is my first Have A Hart book and I will be checking out the other when I can as this one what a nail-biter of a read.  I have hooked from the start I as I didn't know if to like or hate the main female character.  There was so many twists and turns just when you thought you knew what was going to happen the author throws you for a spin.  This book was heart-wrenching, touching, moving, romantic and suspenseful all at the same time.  If you are an animal lover you will love this book, but have a few tissues handy as you might just need them.  I received this ARC book for my honest and voluntary review and I would highly recommend this great book to anyone.  The author will have you enthralled in her characters and storyline, Rachelle Ayala never fails to win your heart in her books.


Grady Hart and Linx Colson have not had an easy road to find their way back to the town where Linx lives for a second chance at Love.  Their past is full of lies, broken hearts, being misunderstood, abandonment, distrust, secrets, hate, disrespect,  mystery and most of all miss opportunities.


Grady Hart works as a smokejumper year-round and doesn’t do commitment which suits his job very well until one accident on the job changes everything.   He returns home and soon realizes the connection he has for Linx is more than he ever planned or wanted in his life.  But something is not the same about her and he wants answers to their past.


Linx has changed her life in the last 7 years since she was at training school with Grady Hart, she know owns a dog shelter for lost and abandoned dogs.  She loves what she does but something is missing but she can not run away like she would like.  What has the hold on her to stay in her hometown?


What is Linx hiding from Grady and what will he do when the woman he hates is the only one he can’t live without?  Will her learn to forgive her and can she forgive him and herself for the choices she has made.


This book is full of sweet characters and animals that just will just want to hug through the pages of this wonderful book.


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