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Fall Into Romance: A Boxed Set of 10 Heartwarming, Sweet Novellas

October 6, 2017

I have 3 books in this series to read and the first one I have already read and below you will find my review on it.  I will add the others as I read them along the way.  There are many authors in this set that I enjoy reading and I hope you will enjoy them as well.  I have received an ARC of these books and I have voluntarily decided to leave my honest review of them.


Blown Into Romance by Shanna Hatfield 


Brooke Roberts stops at a cute town during a freak summer storm and loves it so much she decides to stay and build her life and business in the town of Romance.  Brooke is a glass blower and her items sound beautiful.  After being in town only 2 months she was not looking for romance or love but she does find love at the Fall Festival.


Blayne Grundy is a handsome rancher living with his Grandmother and running the family ranch.  He was too busy for dating or romance but on the way to the Fall Festival with his twin horse’s he almost runs over love.


Brooke stopped at the Finding Forever Animal Rescue Tent at the end of the day and before she realizes it she had said she will take the 5 potbellied pigs.  What was she doing she had never had a pet before with her past family drama’s and she could only just take care of herself.  But she looked at their faces and knew she was in love.


Blayne helps Brooke get her adopted family home and his offer for assistance in the future with them is soon taken up by Brooke.  The Piglets are more trouble then she thought and need help.


Can 5 little pigs help 2 people find love?

One of the hearts has been broken and my not recover again!


This was a very humorous read and a lovely change from all the cats and dogs I have been reading about this week in a few books, we get Piglets.  Shanna is a true storyteller and always has your heart feeling all soft and cozy by the end of her books.  I love the names she gave the piglets and the characters were kind and loving.  If all the stories are like this one this series it should be a do not miss to read as we learn more of the town of Romance.


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