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Mistletoe Kisses

October 15, 2017

I am still reading my way through this book set but this is my review so far.

One Last Gift (book 5 in series) by Nancy Stopper      5 star 

This is the next book in the Oak Grove series in this great little Christmas box set by 9 great authors.  This is a second chance romance about Jack and Casey high school sweethearts torn apart by a command grief.  One stayed and One left town but know 10 years later they are both in Oak Grove to help on the Christmas Tree farm for the holidays.  I really love this series and this great small town where all the people stick together to help in need or at any time.  I received an ARC of this book and have voluntarily written my honest review.


Jack  Murphy has not been home to his parent's tree farm for over 10 years after leaving more than just his hometown behind.  He has built up a business in Boston and works hard to have the life he wants.  But this will all change with one phone from this mother “ your father has had a heart attack”.


Casey Patterson has lived in Oak Grove for most of her life and is very happy with her life she has made for her son.  She works on the Murphy Christmas Tree Farm and is the one that found her boss after his heart attack.  She never thought about Jack returning after his father heart attack so she was totally unprepared to run into him again.

Jack was the one to leave all those years ago but being back into town and seeing Chasey has brought make many memories good and bad, but what are she and his family not telling him?


How good was it to be held by him again every or that split second she bumped into him.  She can not let her heart get broken again by this man but they have a history that has its hold on her, the same history that would not let her leave all those years ago with him.


Jack’s dad is recovering but he has decided to stay in town to help with the family business but being away from his own business is getting hard for him to do.  He is fitting the need to be with Casey and the need to run his business.


They both know he will leave again.


Can they make it work the second time around or is the past and distance to much for them both?



Celebrating Flora by Christa Maurice

This is the first book by Christa Maurice that I have read and even though at times I found the flow of this book hard to read, it was a very sweet romance.  I found that there were too many names in parts that had my head spinning trying to get the plot of the story.  You had a tow characters called  Candy and Cindy was confusing at first.


Wally Kohler is on babysitting duties for a Hollywood superstar by the name of Flora Mason who has made a nightmare for her PA’s on her last movie.  So Wally takes her home with him to the family’s country town in Weaver’s Circle.


To say life in Weaver’s Circle was a shock to the superstar she did make the most of the piece and quiet the town provided.  There was no media to deal with and no ex-co-stars that left you high and dry after the camera’s stopped rolling.


Wally with pleased to be home for the holidays but going back to LA was the plan and after his babysitting duties were for the better.  He did not know what Flora’s problem was but she did have a problem with him.


Will small-town life chance the damaged superstar?


Will the two learn to get along and admitted their issues with each other?


Will Flora open Wally’s eyes to what is right in front of him at home.


I received an ARC of this book and have voluntarily written my honest review.


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