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Life's Forever Changed (The Show Me Series Book 0)

October 23, 2017

If you have read any of the other 3 books in this series you will be familiar with these characters, I have personally read the third book “Life's Turned Upside Down”.  This is the  Prequel to this series and fills in the backstory to Alejandro Alvarez life before the first 3 previously published books.  But if you have not read any of this series this would be a great place to start.  I had some plots and history revealed to me from reading book 3 and look forward to reading the remaining books.  I total enjoyed this book that I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy and this is my honest thoughts.  You will feel joy, love, sadness, compassion, loss and most of all family while ready this lovely and sweet read, you may laugh and you will most probably cry as well.  The author's description of some of the place the charters go to during this book,  has me wanting to see it all for myself as the countryside sounds lovely being described by the author.


The books start with Alejandro still grieving for his best friend how as passed away from a kidney disease during his final year of high school.  He makes a promise to his friend that he will help others to fight this disease and not following in the family pediatrics practice in his hometown.  14 years later he has become a nephrologist and is a transplant surgeon how has devoted his life to save and help others.  But something is missing in his life, he is all alone and there is no one to go home to after leaving the hospital each day.


Tammy Johansen is a Pediatric intensive care nurse that is working with Alejandro on a transplant case, she thinks he is a wonderful, talented doctor what she would love to have him notice her like she has admired him for some time.


One night working late together Alejandro takes a bit more notice of the very caring nurse and asks her for a late night coffee.  Will one coffee break be the start of something they are both looking for?


What will their future look like or do they even have a future together.


Can two busy medical personnel working in a busy hospital find the time to look for love?





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