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Ty's Heart: California Cowboys 3

October 24, 2017

This is book three of the California Cowboys series and like the others is a very enjoyable, emotional and romantic read.  You just have to full in love with Katie the 5-year-old with a ”tell it like it is” way about her.  This story is all about a second chance of love, forgiveness, understanding, growth but most of all doing what is the best for your child's future.  I received a copy of the book and have voluntarily written an honest review.


Can you make amends for the biggest mistake of your life?

Was this mistake right or wrong to make this is what Jodi has been fighting with for the last 5 years.  This mistake might be what was needed for her to find herself and find what she needed to do to get the dream she never thought possible to come true.


Ty Jenkins has been a single father for the past 5 years to his daughter Katie life, with the support from his family he has tried to give her everything she needs.  But there is one thing she does not have but the little girl wishes is a mother.


One day Ty’s world is turned upside when the one woman that abandoned them both walks back into town.  What does she want and will her loose the one thing he loves the most Katie?  He is surprised to learn that he can forgive but can he forget what she did and why does seeing her again make his heart jump?


Jodi Morgan has learned a lot about herself in the last 5 years and has worked hard to get where she is now as she returns to the town where her biggest mistake and regret way made Big Sur.  She came with one goal to get to know her daughter and be there for her in any way she needed her.  What she did not expect was to still have any feeling for her daughter's father Ty.


Can she gain Ty’s trust again?

Will she have a relationship with her daughter?

Can a mistake turn to be the best thing she ever did?

The Epilogue was beautifully written in a very different perspective on the books which had me emotional and looking forward to the next book.

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