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Those Sweet Words (The Misfit Inn Book 2)

October 28, 2017

Released this week.


How I loved this book, I thought book one was great by Kait outdid herself with this second book of the Misfit Inn series.  I fall in love with this series from the very first chapter of book one and was so looking forward to books two.  I was not disappointed with this story of Pru and Flynn.  I was so excited when I found out that this book included Flynn as I was very intrigued with his character from book one.  Kait Nolan really knows how to get you to feel and understand her wonderful characters in every book she writes, they almost feel like friends.  I reviewed this ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.  This book can be read as a standalone but to totally get the full enjoyment I would suggest you start at book one to learn all you can about the Reynold’s sisters.  I love the interaction between Flynn, Pru and Ari during this story and the chemistry between Flynn and Pru is electrifying to very sweet at times.  You can not help but love Flynn and his Irish ways.


Pru is the one sister that you can rely on and the one that stayed in their small hometown.  She is about to become a mother to her foster sister Ari after the sad passing of her mothers some months ago.  She is very determined to adopt Ari and to give her the life her mother gave her and her sisters, but before this she wants to do something for herself, something that everyone will not believe she would do.


Flynn Bohannon is a very good friend of Kennedy, Pru’s sister and is an Irish musician that Kennedy traveled with for some time.  He is a gypsy who doesn’t stay long in one play for more than a few days and loves being free to travel and play his music.  Flynn comes to America to visit Kennedy and soon gets two surprises: one Kennedy is getting married in a few day and Pru the sexy sister that he knows he should not be attacked too.


When Flynn come to the Inn to visit she can not fight the attraction she has towards him even though she knows he is not her type at all, but he might just be the right guy to had a quick fling with while he is around.


Pru makes the first move and offers a no strings attached offer that Flynn cannot say no too, they both do not realize that this move may change the future for Pru and Ari.  Before they realize they both find themselves in a fake engagement to each other to save Pru’s reputation.


Can they pull off this fake engagement and make everyone believe they are in love and save the adoption process to keep Ari with the family she loves and that loves her?  How will this affect their feelings for each other as the secret process?


What will the eavesdropping teenager do when things go all wrong?


Can a woman change your view of the world or will it take two to change your life?


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