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Winter Wishes

This is a set of four lovely Christmas based romance stories that will have you feeling all soft and gooey and ready for the Christmas season.  I will leave my reviews for each story of this book as I read them.

Blue Moon Harbour Christmas by Susan Fox

Can you find and build a family during the 12 days of Christmas?  Well we meet Michael, Jillian and Cole when Michael turns up at Destiny Island just before Christmas to meet the child he never wanted.  If you have read Susan’s other book “Fly Away with Me” you will already be familiar with Blue Moon Harbour and its lovely community.  I am writing my voluntary and honest review of this work I was given.   Cole is a wonderful character and he reminded me of my own sun while I was reading this book.  This is a very sweet read.

Michael has returned to Jillian’s life after almost nine years and she has raised her son on her own as Michael was not ready for the responsibility all those years ago.  What has changed now?


Michael lives in Toronto where he owns his own business and Jillian live in Destiny Island near Vancouver Island where she is a seaplane pilot.  They form very different worlds now as well as when that meet in college many years ago.


They both agreed to Jillian raising the baby when their short time together produced a pregnancy.


Will Jillian let Michael into Cole’s life?


What will the twelve days of Christmas bring in Blue Moon Harbour this year and will they find more than Christmas spirit?




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