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Jennifer Brown's Journey

November 8, 2017

This book was such a breath of fresh air to what I have been reading lately, I loved it, laughed, cringed and empathized with this wonderful character.  Jennifer Brown’s Journey is the wonderful title of this book and is a fitting title as this is exactly what you get during your read.   I love the titles of each chapter they alone would have me smiling at what I was about to read about.  I love the people and character Jennifer meet along the way of her journey and the very English feel throughout the book.  As an Aussie, I did find a references or two that had me LOL and cringing,  not saying I agreed or disagreed with the writer’s point of view but It did not take away from this great book and funny female role of Jennifer on her adventure of her life in her late thirties.  I received a copy of this book as an ARC and this is my voluntary and honest review of this wonderful book.


Jennifer is a bit of a ditz at work and is the worst typist sending out a few typo’s that causes embarrassment to the workplace.  Her best friend is Will a gay guy she loves works in finance just across the corridor from her and she has a very great partner/live in boyfriend Pete.   Jonathan is her boss and he could not stay mad at her for long as she is the friendliest person in the office.   She had a can-do attitude to everything and fits in well with everyone. 


Jennifer thought Pete was the one but one day she found out she was not the one for him, as he had found another.  It was over and she had to move out of his place but the biggest and saddest thing was leaving her two dogs behind Betty and Eric as she could not find a place for herself and her dogs together.  Broken hearted she moves out and stays with friends Viv and Roger Patterson how to become her guardian angels for the many months to follow.


Jennifer gets reacquainted with an Australian friend Larry she dated for about six months many years ago.  So her journey will take her for a trip to Australia in the new years to visit her friend where she finds herself in the middle of an Ex-wife drama and funny situations.  On her return to work she realizes she is fed up with office life and her boss offers a chance to go to a conference so off she goes.  On the way she see’s Pete which throws her for a bit of a twist at seeing him after all this time.

At the conference she meets David Harwood for the first time, he is the man his boss wants to win the contract for.  After an embarrassing incident at the conference Jennifer has her first face to face conversation with David and they both have a lovely chat.  Even though she embarrass her boss at the conference they won the contract with David Harwood.


Jennifer decides to take control of her life and change her career so she takes on a live-in job as a cook and housekeeper for older gentlemen in the country even though she cannot cook a thing.  She self-empowers herself and triumphs in the new life she has given herself and the many new challenges she faces in this new job and life.  After some time and many situations Jennifer decides to leave and seeks a job as an Estate Manager for Thornhill, where she improves the business, here is where she meets David again when his business attends a retreat at Thornhill, he is the ever attractive man always in the back of her mind.  Jennifer is happy until tragedy leads her to take a new journey.  


She has two options and which one will she pick?


We will have to wait until book two to find the answer to this question and much more that I have and want to know.


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