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The Lost Art of Second Chances

November 9, 2017

What an amazing, heart-warming read, which had me moved like no other Courtney Hunt books has done before. I am a lover of this author and I think this might be my favorite yet. You get two stories in one with this book you have Lucy Parker who has recently lost her beloved Nonna Belladonna. Lucy is given a quest by her late Nonna to find one Paolo LaRosa in Italy. The two stories are of Lucy in the present and Belladonna in the past go hand in hand as you read along. Both stories will break your heart as you read but will also leave you with a feeling of courage as these two generations of women live their lives in WWII Italy and modern-day New England USA. I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review that I would recommend to any Romance reader. If you like a bit of history with your romance this is the book for you.


We meet Lucy at her beloved grandmother funeral in the present day with her try to come to grips with another loss so quickly after losing her husband to a heart attack. Her daughter is leaving for college and the 40-year-old is trying to find what will be next with her life. A life she finds herself alone in.


Belladoona Rossi grew up in a small rural town in Tuscany just before the World War II, she is engaged to be married just before the war starts. Belladonna finds herself helping the local vicar and the Monuments Men hide centuries-old art in an old cave in her town. With her fiancé missing in action Belladonna becomes friends and finally falls in love with one of the soldiers she helps.


Lucy’s childhood best friend Jack Hamilton is an estate lawyer that Noona saw before she passes on, she made Jack promise to accompany her granddaughter to Italy to deliver the letter and painting to Paolo. Will this be the second chance for Jack to have with Lucy and can he finally tell her how he feels after all this time?


What secrets will the two find in Italy?

Will the same family mistakes be repeated over again?

Or will Noona work her magic from the grave?



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