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Crank (The Gibson Boys Book 1)

November 12, 2017

This is the first book of the new series by Adriana Locke “Crank” of the “The Gibson Boys” and I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book.  Right from the beginning I was hooked and engrossed in the lives of the Gibson boys, wanting to learn more about them and the women that may be about to make them men.  If you have not read any of this author before you will not be familiar with the Landry family but for the ones that have read the series about the Landry family you will be right at home.  This book can be read a stand-alone as any back history has not strong story plot in this book; it’s just a crossover of some of our loved characters from other books.  I love Walker he a man of few words that those words use can make him come across as broody and cranky and very sarcastic to Sienna.  Nana is a character I hope we get to see more of in the next lot of books she was one of my highlights of this book the matriarch of the Gibson family.  I totally recommend this book that I received an ARC copy of and have voluntarily written an honest review to show how much I enjoyed it.


Sienna Landry has moved away from her family to find her own way in life but this is a life she may not be able to buy her way through.  She makes a mistake one night and meets the very sexy but very unreadable Walker Gibson.  She is a headstrong young lady who has learnt to make a great life for herself away from her loving family.


Walker Gibson walks outside his brother bar one night to see who had damaged his truck to find a purple haired bombshell standing with a baseball bat behind her back.  Walker is the mechanic of this small town in which he has grown up in.


The attraction between the two is hot and heavy as they both fight the sexual tension sparking the air when they are together.  How will Sienna repay the damage to his truck and why will his not take her money? So can they work out a plan that will give them both what they need or want?


Sienna has some decisions to make about her future, but meeting Walker has her seeing Illinois in a new light.  Can he be the man she needs to move forward or will he keep hiding his true feeling to himself and her?

Will the past play a part in the road ahead?


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