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Wild Hearts (Wild Hearts series)

November 19, 2017

This is my first Vivian Wood’s book I have read and I was very happy to find this great author.  I found her writing style to be very descriptive and totally entertaining to read from start to the end.  Read it all in one day it was very romantic, suspenseful, drama-filled and tantalizing to read and at times was unsure where the story was going to go.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of it.  It did end before answering a few questions but as this is a series I am hoping these will be filled in during the next book.  I enjoy the total family in this story and love the relationship with mother has with all the men in her household.  This book had me laughing out loud many times


Alex was a mood douche, unfriendly and full of attitude, but a very sexy man, too bad he was a stick in the mud as Faith believed he would be her type otherwise.  Faith has inherited her late Aunt's house and property on an Island on the Georgia coast, where she meets Alex at his family Inn.


Alex was affected by Faith as no other woman has since Rebecca, who remained in his dream and thoughts always.  Trust was something Alex could no longer do.  When would he stop being a jerk to her and let her in?


Faith is searching for her families past and the hope to find a future she will finally be free to be completely happy with.  Will this be back in San Francisco or her own Island paradise?


Before he knows it Alex has become Faith's protector and he liked the feeling it gave him.


Readers will enjoy the journey these two characters take to overcome their past mistakes and learn to forgive and move forward into life.


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