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Trusting Tess

November 20, 2017

I fall in love with this author words during "Finding Faith" and was excited about the next book in the series.  I was totally addicted to the book ‘Trusting Tess’ had me emotional, laughing, sad, excited, engrossed, crying, while the characters broke my heart with their amazing story and then lead me on their journey to rebuild and forgive themselves of the mistakes of their past.  I can still not believe this is only the second book Connie Dave has written, her storytelling is just amazing.  Learning to face tragedy with the help of the ones you love and moving on after your world has crumbled is one of the lessons you will receive reading this wonderful moving story.  I just love the sweet little girl Hope in this book she was what every mother wishes for her daughter to be like at the age of 2.


If you have not read “Finding Faith” you can still read this book as even though it part of a series they are also stand-alone set in a small town full of romance and very interesting and loving characters. I received an ARC copy of this book in which this is my voluntary and honest review of this great book, that  I could not put down as it moved me so much with its inspirational tale.  The chemistry between Tess and Conner was exquisitely written with a bit of heat and with a lot of wit and humor thrown in a well.


Tessa Reynolds has been in love with just one person from the moment she meets him as a young girl, but as time went by and their relationship changed over the years Tess still needs something from him.  I Love You… They are the only words he needed to say back to her.  Could Conner be the one she could trust even after all their history of him leaving her and his struggle to be the man she needed?


Connor McCoy’s best friend is Ben Reynolds and he had promised his best friend that he would look after his baby sister when she went to college near Conner’s college.  Conner never told anyone about his true feelings for Tessa even Tess never knew his true feelings.  Conner needed order and control in his life so that he could keep the ones he loved safe so that the one biggest regret and tragedy in his life never repeated itself.

Secrets become a great part of Tess and Conner’s life for next 13 years as life, lust, attraction, grief, and love played their parts in both their lives away from their family and friends.  Tess returns home to Bedford Park about 2 years ago with a sweet little daughter in tow, telling her family and friends nothing about Hope’s father and starting a new life for herself and Hope back in her hometown.  Will the many secrets they keep from others and themselves destroy the life they are trying to make?  Can they build the trust with each other when the truth comes out or will it drive them apart from their family and friends as well?


Went making secrets we always think we are protecting someone but these secrets just build a wall up that you must fight to knock down with hard work for everyone.

Can Conner be the father he never planned to be?



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Finding Faith

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This series is one of the highlights of this years reading and reviewing for me. Finding a new Author to me that I enjoy is always exciting but when that author is putting out her Debut novel it's even more exhilarating. If you have not given a new author a go this year this is the one you should try. "Finding Faith" or "Trusting Tess" will find a place in your heart.Looking forward to the next wonderful book to see where the adventure will continue and with whom will find the love of their lives and overcome the troubles of their past to build a future.

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