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The Christmas Fountain

November 28, 2017

It is always a pleasure to read one of Kait Nolan’s books and this one was a very loving read about mending broken hearts.  This story is from the Wishful series set just before Christmas with Mary Alice Reed that we have already met in another book “If I Didn't Care”: A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 1).  We get to read about the other side of an HEA as Mary Alice is just recovering from her break up with Judd.  I enjoyed the take of the story and just LOVED Chad he is the dream guy, in my opinion, Kind, a Doctor, sweet, attentive, thoughtful, understanding, patient, sexy, talented, handsome, successful, and the list can just go on and on and on.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of it.  If you have not read a Kait Nolan give this one a try you will not be sorry.


Mary Alice Reed is an Elementary school teacher to a class of year 3 and her dream of a loving husband and a family of her own.  But that dream has been smashed to pieces this last year when her boyfriend of 2 years dumped her for his ex-girlfriend and have now married 6 weeks ago.  How can Mr Right turn into Mr Wrong so easily or was she just blind to what was happening around her?


It’s almost Christmas time so time for the Wishful “Fountain of Hope” a charity event she is co-orientating this year that gives children free gives in the local community in need.


Chad Phillips gave up his busy and successful job as a Trauma surgeon in a big city hospital to move to Wishful, where he is part of the emergency department.  He wanted a life as well as a career so a small town is where he thinks he can find the balance as well as find the home and family he is looking for.  Being an eligible bachelor in wishful has only given him a lot of casseroles and home cooking up until know as she is still looking for the one.  But that is all about to change when one night a group of girls walks into the emergency department in need of help for their friend.


Mary Alice and Chad meet at the hospital were Chad is straight away intrigued by her he personally returns her scarf just to see her again.  Will a romance blossom between these two or will the part stop them before they begin?


Can Mary Alice trust again?


Will they both find what they both are dreaming of?


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