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Mail Order Bride: Holly (Orphan Brides Go West Book 4)

November 29, 2017

I read this very loving book a very wet and raining day and it had me totally entertained for most of the day.  My heart was full of love and hope when I finished and had that warm feeling you I get sometimes after finished a great book.  This is book 4 of the series but book one for me so even though this is a series they are all send-alone books.  I have only just lately started to read Vivi Holt books after having some sitting on my kindle for a while, I must say I am enjoyed her style of writing and the stories she tells us through her characters.  This was a sweet western historical romance read with an older more matured female character seeking a new life for herself and her 5 children.  I received an ARC copy of this book in which I have decided to give my voluntary and honest review of.  A wonderful journey to find love and home again.


Holly Bristol and her sister Eve were orphaned as your girls and now Holly finds herself a widow with five children living with her sister and brother-in-law Rodney for the help she needs.  But Holly and her children have stepped over their welcome with the Rodney tell his wife informs her sister to leave, what will she do to give the children a better life than she had?


Kurt Sawyer lives alone on his ranch in Kansas where he is happy until one day he has an accident on the ranch and has to find his way into town to the doctors on his own.  The doctor’s wife tells him she doesn’t know how he made his way there and then informs him he should have a wife and family to be there with him.  His brother thinks that a great idea and makes him promise if he can find him a wife he would marry her.


Holly finds an advertisement in her New York paper for a mail-order bride and will nothing to lose and only something to gain she writes of to one Kurt Sawyer.  The next she knows she has received a train ticket in the mail with an invitation to be his wife.  Holly has not informed him of her whole story, will he be overwhelmed by the responsibility he faces when she arrives?


Can Holly overcome the pain of losing her late husband and open up the chance to find love again?


Or will she be sent straight home before she even has a chance to open her heart to love and a future of happiness again?


Orphan Brides go west reading order is:

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Mail Order Bride: Holly


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