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Holidays Ever After: Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed Set

December 12, 2017


Holidays Ever After: Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed Set just 99 cents at the moment.


This set is of 20 anthologies of romance stories in Holidays Ever After: Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed Set in which I will update my review as I read each book of the set.  Each book is set around a holiday from different cultures and times of the year.  Many of my favorite authors are in this set with some characters from their previous books show up in these new stories to entertain us again.


Kiss me at Midnight by Courtney Hunt     5 Stars


I love Courtney Hunt’s book and this one is set around New Year Eve in Ashford Falls and in front of the Cupid coffee Shop, so if you are a fan of this great author you will be familiar with this town.  Some of our favorite characters from the Cupid coffee shop series with pop in this book, with Peyton March being Grayson’s brother who we met in Lucky Latte book 3.  Peyton works at the coffee shop and is finishing college after doing 2 tours of duties in Afghanistan and has moved to Ashford to be close to his brother.


Eliza Mitchell is an English literature teacher from England who has just moved to Ashford Falls to work for 6 months after she breaks up with her ex-cheating boyfriend at home.


“Can a New Year's kiss between strangers lead to a happily ever after?” This is how the author described her book and it explains it all.

Love the chemistry between these two characters as they fight their attraction and the other many differences they have.  This book has a bit of heat and sweetness all mixed together for a lovely read.



Tempting Navid by Victoria Pinder    4 stars

I did find some errors and some edit note in the text of this book. Reading this suspenseful story revolving around the Iranian New Year's celebration has taught me a few thing about the Iranian culture I was not aware of.  This book is a bit hot and spicy with suspense and family drama all mixed together for a loving love story.  If you have read any of Victoria Pinder books you will be familiar with some of the other characters in this story. I totally enjoyed this book.


Elly Bentley life has been thrown into chaos over the last 10 days as she has witnessed her family be arrested, she has been left homeless and alone as friends believe the false charges her family is facing.


As a last resort she applies for a job as a nanny for her friend's half-brother, Elly gets the job and a lot more than she ever planned to find.


Navid Barampour (Hawke) half-brother to Cabe Hawke who was in Victoria Pinder’s book called Tempting Gabe (The Hawke Fortune Book 1).    Navid has made many mistakes in his life and has many regrets that he can not chance now but moving to America to be closer to his father’s family is a step he hopes is the right thing to do for his daughter Margo.  Grow up in Iran by his mother he’s passed in coming back to cause trouble with his daughter in danger this time around.  Why did he hire Elly to look after Margo when that was not the first thing he wanted when he set eyes on her.  He is no good for her but the attraction is so strong can he fight it and keep everyone safe at the same time?


Home is where the heart is by Viv Holt   5 Stars


This is a very sweet second chance Christian romance read and adds a nice mix to this box set.  What I love the most is it’s set in Australia where I live, this book reminded me of my childhood and the happy memories I had every summer when my family would live on a dairy farm for 2 weeks over Christmas in a small Queensland town.  The town was much like the one in this book where the author has captured the spirit and life of an Aussie small country town to the letter.  Isabella and Baker have known each other since they were 4 years old and one has loved the other for most of this time.  Vivi Holt has written a wonderful heartfelt story of loss, love, hope and personal growth to find your place to call home. I look forward to reading more about this lovely community and the characters in this book.


Isabella Proctor is back in Heartstone after the sudden death of her parents, her life was unraveling before her eyes in her own life and she was learning things about her parents that she never knew about.  Issie had been away from home for the last decade since Uni and knew living in Sydney and felt like she didn’t really know her parents at all and now was too late to learn it all.


Baker Pritchard is the pastor of the church in Heartstone where Isabella’s parents attained.  He was also their Neighbour and friend as he knew them all his life.  From the moment Baker saw Issie again she was on his mind and he knew what she was dealing with the loss of her parents, as he had lost his wife and mother of his two girls a few years ago.  Can Baker do what he must to help a fellow community member or will his personal feeling get in the way?


With Christmas coming soon can her childhood friends help her through this dark time and will she find comfort in a place and a person she wasn’t expecting?


This to come:


Solstice Song by Colleen Charles

Yule Be Mine by Monica Corwin

Holiday Kisses by Angela Corbett

Blissful Valentine by Amy L Gale

Paws and Claus by Becca Fanning

A Moonlit Serenade by Alexa Padgett

Violet's Bucket List by Tuesday Embers

Blossoms of the Heart by Khardine Gray

The Virgin and the Kingpin by Allyson Lindt

Wiccan Fire by Liz Gavin

Temt or Treat by Jillian Quinn

Light Me Up by Kristen Luciani

A Harper Christmas by Astrid Arditi

Rekindling Christmas by Rebekah R Ganiere

Fireworks of Love by Jessica Gray

Candles and You by Ja'nese Dixon

Someone Special by Teresa Roman







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