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The Boy Next Door

December 13, 2017

This is the first book by this author that I have read and straight away I was chuckling and laughing at the humor and flirting I was reading in this great book.  I just love the style of writing the author uses and the flow of the story is great, it keeps you want to keep reading.  It’s a story about a slightly older woman and a younger man that have an 11-year gap between their ages but this does not stop one from pursuing the other.  I found the end left me with wanting a bit more; this is a book that I would not have picked if I was only going by the Cover only as the cover does not jump out at me but I am very happy I read this great hot romance story with very interesting characters.  A fun short book to read that will give you total enjoyment with every page.


Laney Mitchell sees a light in the house next door so she goes to see as the house is empty.  She is greeted by a half-undressed very sexy man and she can not help but check him out.  To her surprise she know how is at the door and it’s been 26 years since Laney had spent any time with the boy next door. Who at the time was a sweet and cute 4-year-old one of her favorite children to look after when she was 15 years old when babysitting was her job.  Now she is a mother of her own child a daughter named Deanna.  It’s been 3 years since her divorce from Greg so Laney didn’t see the signs Bryce was giving her at first.  Can she find her groove after a few years of not dating?


Bryce Adams still remembers Laney as she was his first Love and the woman he told his mum he was going to marry one day.  Bryce is in town from California to fix up his grandparent's old house so his mum can sale it.  He does not hide the fact he still thinks his babysitter is attractive and tries to flirt his way into her heart.


How complicated was her life going to get when not 1 or 2 but 3 men want to spend time with her?  Plus her 20 year old daughter this the boy next door is hot and she has taken an interest as well.


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